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Sweet Sixteen

If you already dislike rich people then this isn’t the show for you. I watched an episode of Mtv’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen? with the daughter of hip-hop/R&B artist Cee-lo. The premise of this show is to watch a rich spoiled young girl or boy have their parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their 16th birthday party, so they can make a big deal and feel special about themselves. But in the episode I watched the young girl seemed to have no concept of money or working for anything. First she was only turning fifteen, not sixteen and she was still able to keep me watching with her continuous it’s my party and ill cry if I want to attitude. By having shows like this one where a parent spends over $180,000 on a party for their fifteen-year-old daughter it illustrates the where are values rest. The stereotype that the upper class sees themselves as elitists is completely reinforced in this show along with the idea that money equals love. Everything that is wrong in society shows up here.
“Yet RTV constants generally understand that moral weaknesses, body flaws, and intimate betrayals offer the most thrilling evidence of “reality? in the genre.? Myra Mendible, Humiliation, Subjectivity, and Reality TV. I feel that this quote is the direct reason why this show is made. Moral weakness seems to be the driving force behind this one. Where a young girl and her parents have so much money it’s the only way they can communicate. By buying her daughter everything she is giving her “attention? making for a thrilling type of reality. At the end Sophie is given her 180,000-dollar present of a car that she wont be able to drive for at least a year.
With all this in mind we can critically look at who is making this program and the motives behind it. MTV has a lot of power and this show puts it to good use. The content of the show revolves around money, and though editing they market it most towards girls. The title is sweet sixteen, no guys ever really look forward to having a sweet sixteen party even though some are on the show the majority is girls. But the whole show is sparkles and pink glitter. The cuts are fast and always have voices or music going over them to keep your attention. The music is pop crap and radio crap hip-hop, it’s the same music that is always playing on every other MTV show. So by being able to recognize this style it is almost as though MTV is putting their stamp on it. Even at the birthday parties the kids parents go though all the trouble of getting the artist that are on MTV, its kind of like a big add. By directing all of this towards girls it’s setting up the idea that the nicer your possessions the more popular you’ll be, like you can measure your friendship by how many people go to you party. By spending hundreds of thousands of dollars you make all the friends you’ll ever need.