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The minority

I recently watch a documentary that followed homosexuality through early cinema all the way to today. I found a lot of the stereotypes that are here now were there then. Many homosexuals would play blown out of proportion caricatures as comic relief. And if there was a “good gay? that had normal feelings and emotions they would ultimately have to die in the end like in Boys Don’t Cry. I found an interesting connection, I am also taking a Native Americans in the cinema course and they same thing happened in early films and now with the representation of Indians. They would have two basic types of Indians the “savage? and the “helper?; one was bloodthirsty and fought without cause. The other was a one of kind/the last of a dieing breed that helped the settlers as they expanded across the frontier. The thing about the good helper was that no matter what, the good Indian was the last of his people. So even if there were good Indians ultimately they were destine all to die off. They called this idea the vanishing Indian, so we could come to accept this good Indian but it was out of our hands that one-day they would all be gone. I felt that in many ways gays were looked at the same way for a long time. Either they were comic relief or if they had good qualities and played multi dimensional characters they would end up being killed too, in order to keep the audience comfortable. In many movies they have to die like this, Boys Don’t Cry, Set It Off, Philadelphia, Broke back Mountain, and many others. I thought that it was an interesting connection and I’m sorry but I forgot the name of the Documentary, but if you really wanted to know I could e-mail my professor for you.


i would like to know the name of this!

It sounds like Alexander's talking about The Celluloid Closet.