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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I got home to my apartment after having dinner with a friend the other night. The first thing my roommate said to me with excitement was "Kelsey, you'll never guess what's on." Since our entire apartment has been in the Christmas spirit recently I was expecting her to tell me Rudolph was on or A Charlie Brown Christmas. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Her and one of my other roommates were glued to the television watching the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Interested in what it consisted of, I sat and joined them for a bit. I was not surprised by what I saw.

It was basically a show for people to judge the models and compare their own bodies or the bodies of girls they know to what they 'should be' like. The scaling of bodies one could take from this was amazing. As I watched, I listened to my roommates, all straight females, comment on how hot the models were and how they would never be able to look like that but how they wish they could. This is the exact type of show that helps lower self esteem in females. Images like this do nothing but give people ideas of what the 'ideal body type' is like, when in reality, only an extremely small percentage of females have this build or are able to attain it. This was a promotion for what can never be for the majority of women.

I won't deny that I agree they have attractive characteristics, if they didn't they wouldn't have the job they have. However, to really look at them makes them less attractive. I was unaware that being able to see thigh and knee bones clearly was attractive. These women looked so fragile it almost seems unhealthy.

Another thing I found quite fitting was the camera angles used. The angles were all perfect to make the models look their best. They zoomed in on the right body parts at the right time. Their breasts were shown right as they were bouncing in a sexy manner, their hair was shown when it was flowing perfect, and their face was the focus when their smile was seductive. There were als shots where the 'SEXY' sign in the background shared the spotlight with the models. This was used as a label for the women in case viewers were unaware they were already 'sexy,' they were told it as they watched. There were also scenes where it was cut out to read only 'SEX.' And of course, instead of just showing them on stage in their flawless state, they showed them rushing behind the scenes to get ready. This made it known they are real people in case the viewers were questioning.

Now, I don't consider myself a feminist but seriously, anyone that watches this can critique it and see how degrading and wrong it is. I guess I just don't see the point of making this into a television show...


Am a bloke from australia and just recovering from this tv extravaganza featuring them we had the othe night.
Lots of one dimensional"ken" popstars,"in depth chats" with the models- utterly spontaneous of course-all palmed off as such a big deal.
My bs detector was warning me 90+ dbls.. The thing was so utterly contrived to the minutest detail and laden to saturation point with subbceptional-type advertising -a genuine conscious attempt by corporate people not so much to advertise the stuff but to commodify as many different segments of the audience as possible.
So sanitised, so cold, so unnerving, so am off to as many blog sites as possible to decode the stuff- feel like I've been "got at" and uncover as many tips (no pun) as possible to acheive that.

I see your point here. The show can really lower a woman's self esteem. Instead of building self confidence for women, it creates the "ideal looks or body" of a woman which might cause insecurities to most.

Building self confidence for women is very important. They are the ones who often have insecurities because of the standards set by the society. They need to start building self confidence for themselves to help them achieve their goals and never lose hope.

Coming from a worker at a Victoria's Secret store.I understand that woman and young girls see this ideal and beautiful body of a victoria secret model,when they try on thier bras and panties it doesn't exactly fit like it does the models and i here this all the time in the store. but self-esteem should come with in yourself. That would be like saying the only way a woman or young girl can feel beautiful is if someone always told her,if an add, or a certain job such as being a model said she was.and girls and women shouldn't let things like seeing a model bring thier self confidence down.But by shopping in a store like victoria's secret can help ladies feel a little sexier underneath thier clothes i've noticed.

Great article, until the last paragraph. Why don't you consider yourself a feminist? There is nothing wrong with being a feminist - it's just the media's portrayal of feminism and the feminist movement that is problematic.

You're all idiots, it's abit of, this is why you silly feminists get such a bad rap...you're too intense...all the time...give it a rest!! No need to get your knickers in a knot...hahahaha

very impressive. i agree completely with everything said.

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