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Start ups prove difficult

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A Minneapolis arts patron's launch for an indie-film studio caused a few bumps in the road, despite a seemingly perfect fit.

Elizabeth Redleaf had deep pockets and a long history of movie-love, reported the Star Tribune.

In three years, she became the state's second-biggest producer, with five movies in three years, reported the Star Tribune.

"While Redleaf has won praise for her philanthropic work in the Twin Cities, her journey into the world of moviemaking has been as bruising as her swan dive into the bushes," reported the Star Tribune.

Despite her love for movies and her capability to fund projects, collaboration and cooperation have been difficult, reported Star Tribune.

Her eyes captured audiences on the cover of National Geographic 17 years ago, and today, her eyes still capture the soul.

Steve McCurry's photo of Sharbat Gula, a Pashtun, made an unexpected impact, reported National Geographic.

"I didn't think the photograph of the girl would be different from anything else I shot that day,"McCurry told National Geographic.

Today, her eyes burn with the same ferocity as they did in 1985, reported the National Geographic, despite war and peace.

Her hardships marked her face like postage stamps, reported the National Geographic.

"She has had a hard life," McCurry told National Geographic.

Occupy Minnesota protestors move on to foreclosed homes

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People exchanged cordial greetings and their reasons for protesting within the walls of foreclosed homes Saturday night in attempts to keep the protest alive.

Despite police trying to quiet protesters, the Occupy protests continued within foreclosed houses, reported City Pages.

a few dozen protestors moved into a foreclosed home to shed light on the crisis of foreclosed homes in the economic crisis, reported City Pages.

"There isn't enough transparency in the world," photojournalist Kendra Sundvall told City Pages.

Target and McDonald's and Target were two of the major corporations that dropped an Iowa egg supplier this week after reports of animal cruelty.

An undercover video depicting unsanitary conditions and animal cruelty to the chickens in the Sparboe egg facility caused the drop-out, reported CNN International.

Sparboe was a major producer for these companies, and produced over 2 million eggs each day for McDonald's alone, reported Newsday

"I was deeply saddened to see the story because this isn't who Sparboe Farms is. Acts depicted in the footage are totally unacceptable and completely at odds with our values as egg farmers. In fact, they are in direct violation of our animal care code of conduct, which all of our employees read, sign and follow each day," Sparboe Schnell told CNN International.

Sparboe started investigation after learning about the undercover video from an animal-activist group, reported CNN International

It's not the cup of tea, it's the coffee

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Deciding how where and what to get when it comes to coffee can prove difficult.

Kelefa Sanneh from The New Yorker struggled through this challenge in the streets of Times Square, in the attempts to find a perfect cup of coffee.

"brewing a proper cup of coffee is a lot harder than uncorking a bottle of wine and a lot easier than cooking dinner," Sanneh told The New Yorker.

For Sanneh, he went through great lengths to preserve his coffee ritual, even while traveling.

The article explored why hand grinding and other methods are so important to him.
"If you are staying in a B.&B., you can barge into their kitchen and insist on making coffee with your own gear. In my experience, they don't forbid that, though they don't necessarily appreciate it," Sanneh told The New Yorker

Dayton remains popular despite tough year

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A majority of Minnesotans supported Gov. Mark Dayton, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

The poll surveyed 807 Minnesotan adults statewide with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points, reported the Star Tribune.

The poll showed 52 percent of voters approved of the way Dayton is handling the job, as opposed to the 43 percent of voters who agreed with him after his first year as governor.

"I think he's really trying got do a lot of good, and he's stepped on all of there the place," 75-year-old Minneapolis resident Norman Heitz told The Repulic. "The Republicans don't want to do anything he wants to do."

Dayton told the Star Tribune the results were better than he expected.
I'm so encouraged," Dayton told the Star Tribune. "It provides a great motivation to work even harder."

Unemployment for young veterans rises.

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Unemployment for veterans rose to 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statstistcs employment data.

The youngest veterans, 18-24, had 30.4 percent unemployment, which which was a 12 percent increase from last year's 18.4 percent unemployment rate, reported Businessweek.

The statistics differ greatly from non-veterans of the same age, with a 1.6 percent decrease of unemployment from 16.9 percent to 15.3 percent over the same time span.

The overall unemployment rate remains at 9 percent, despite the creation of 80,000 jobs in October, reported WTSP.

Greeks in support of new prime minister, poll shows

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Three polls show majority support for new Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.

The polls showed 79.1 percent thought his new roll would benefit Greece, reported The Wall Street Journal.

It was one of three polls conducted to see how the new prime minister faired against the public, after the crisis the country faced, reported The Wall Street Journal.

In another poll, 68 percent of Greeks believed in the "unity coalition," reported Reuters.

Not everyone had a positive outlook to the new change in government.

"I am not relieved at all that there's a new government," 53-year-old housewife Eleni Papageorgiou told Reuters. "I know only one things, no matter what government is top there, things will get worse for me rather than better."

Fire destroys Maplewood home

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Fire destroyed a Maplewood home Saturday night.

The family returned to their homes at around 7:15, when they saw the flames near Country Road B, reported KSTP Eyewitness News.

Firefighters resolved the fire when it rekindled again, reported Pioneer press.

"They went to find it but couldn't locate it, and the smoke got worse and worse," Steve Luken told the Pioneer Press.

neighbors stood around watching as flames rose up continuously from the house, and the street was blocked by police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks.

The fire started in the attic of the house, reported Pioneer press.

No one was injured, and the cause is under investigation, reported KSTP.

Minnesota Amendement poll on marriage split

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48 percent of Minnesotans favored amending the state Constitution to change the definition of marriage, according to the Minnesota Poll.

The state is deeply divided on the definition of marriage, reported the Star Tribune

The poll surveyed 807 adults and was conducted Nov. 2-3 with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points, reported the Star Tribune.

"I don't really care what people do in their pirate lives," George Werl of Minneapolis told the Star Tribune. "How do we protect society with two same-sex people?"

The state's constitutions could be amended if the voting majority favor the proposal, reported MPR News, who conducted a similar poll between Oct. 17 and Oct 26, with 626 people surveyed and a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

Mogadishu attacks linked to Minnesota Somali man

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Former University of Minnesota student was linked to suicide bombings in Somalia.

Abdisalan Hussein Ali was believed to kill himself on a suicide mission Saturday, reported the Minnesota Daily. The attack in Mogadishu reportedly killed 10 people.

Whether Ali was truly the attacker in Somalia's capitol remains questionable, reported MinnPost.

Friends of Ali told Minn Post that it doesn't sound like their friend.

The FBI is still trying to obtain DNA evidence, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega hopes to win a third term as president after the elections Sunday.

His previous terms as president have helped to solidify healthcare and education, reported Reuters

"He has helped the poor. Other presidents didn't do that," Managua law student Wendy Gonzalez told Reuters.

The 65-year-old was not popular with Western countries, reported The New York TImes

Former Vice President's daughter dies of brain cancer

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Eleanor Mondale, daughter of former Vice president Walter Mondale, died Saturday.

The former WCCO radio host died of recurring brain cancer at the age of 51, reported the LA times

She had been battling brain cancer since 2005, reported CBS Minnesota News

"Joan and I must report that our wonderful daughter, Eleanor Mondale Poling, after her long and gutsy battle against cancer, went up to heaven last night to be with her angel." Walter Mondale told CBS Minnesota in a statement. "Thank you for all your friendship. She loved you. You will hear more about plans to celebrate her life in a short period but we wanted you to know as quickly as possible. We send our love."

Mondale was born in Minneapolis and was the middle of three children, reported the LA Times

Andy Rooney dies at 92

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The man most associated with 60 Minutes died friday.

Rooney died due to complications after surgery, reported CBS News

""It's a sad day at '60 Minutes' and for everybody here at CBS News," Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News, told CBS News." "It's hard to imagine not having Andy around. He loved his life and he lived it on his own terms. We will miss him very much."

The seasoned reporter was also well known for his Civil-War knowledge and the four books he wrote about World War II, reported The Washington Post

The sound man Tom Keith died

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Sound effects man for Minnesota Public Radio Tom Keith died Sunday

The co-host of The Morning Show on MPR was most known for his creaking doors on A Prairie Home Companion, reported MPR

Kieth died of a heart attack, reported Newsday

Kieth's voice graced The Morning Show and many other radio programs, reported NPR.

"We are just stunned," Tim Russel told Newsday. "He really kind of reinvented the whole genre of radio sound effects, going back to the earliest days of 'A Prairie Home Companion,' and he was so generous to the rest of us as actors and other cast members."

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