It's not the cup of tea, it's the coffee

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Deciding how where and what to get when it comes to coffee can prove difficult.

Kelefa Sanneh from The New Yorker struggled through this challenge in the streets of Times Square, in the attempts to find a perfect cup of coffee.

"brewing a proper cup of coffee is a lot harder than uncorking a bottle of wine and a lot easier than cooking dinner," Sanneh told The New Yorker.

For Sanneh, he went through great lengths to preserve his coffee ritual, even while traveling.

The article explored why hand grinding and other methods are so important to him.
"If you are staying in a B.&B., you can barge into their kitchen and insist on making coffee with your own gear. In my experience, they don't forbid that, though they don't necessarily appreciate it," Sanneh told The New Yorker

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