Tweets to marriage

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A Minneapolis couple that followed each other 14 months ago were married yesterday.

Nora McInerny and Aaron Purmort planned a wedding in two weeks after Purmort underwent surgery for a brain tumor, reported Kare 11

The two met by following each other on Twitter 14 months ago that followed an in-person meeting, reported Kare 11.

"He walked up to me probably 10 feet away from where we're sitting and said, 'you're Nora McInerny,'" McInery told Kare 11 of their first meeting.

After suffering two seizures at work in October, and later finding out about his brain tumor, the couple decided to tie the knot.

"It was just unimaginable to wait any longer, everything just had a new sense of meaning and urgency," McInerny told Kare 11.

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