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Moms multitask and stress more than dads

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Studies show that working mothers multitask and stress more than fathers, according to the American Sociological Review.

The study looked at 368 mothers and 241 fathers took part in the study, reported NPR.

"When the watch goes off, they fill out a form that says what are you doing," co-author of the study Barbara Schneider told NPR. "But not just what are you doing, but what else are you doing. And how do you feel about what you're doing. Would you rather be doing something else."

Mothers spent 10.5 more hours than fathers each week multitasking, reported NPR.
However, multitasking for fathers were more relieved multitasking than mothers. Mothers dubbed the hours they went home as the "arsenic hours," reported NPR.

It's not the cup of tea, it's the coffee

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Deciding how where and what to get when it comes to coffee can prove difficult.

Kelefa Sanneh from The New Yorker struggled through this challenge in the streets of Times Square, in the attempts to find a perfect cup of coffee.

"brewing a proper cup of coffee is a lot harder than uncorking a bottle of wine and a lot easier than cooking dinner," Sanneh told The New Yorker.

For Sanneh, he went through great lengths to preserve his coffee ritual, even while traveling.

The article explored why hand grinding and other methods are so important to him.
"If you are staying in a B.&B., you can barge into their kitchen and insist on making coffee with your own gear. In my experience, they don't forbid that, though they don't necessarily appreciate it," Sanneh told The New Yorker

Unemployment for young veterans rises.

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Unemployment for veterans rose to 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statstistcs employment data.

The youngest veterans, 18-24, had 30.4 percent unemployment, which which was a 12 percent increase from last year's 18.4 percent unemployment rate, reported Businessweek.

The statistics differ greatly from non-veterans of the same age, with a 1.6 percent decrease of unemployment from 16.9 percent to 15.3 percent over the same time span.

The overall unemployment rate remains at 9 percent, despite the creation of 80,000 jobs in October, reported WTSP.

Andy Rooney dies at 92

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The man most associated with 60 Minutes died friday.

Rooney died due to complications after surgery, reported CBS News

""It's a sad day at '60 Minutes' and for everybody here at CBS News," Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News, told CBS News." "It's hard to imagine not having Andy around. He loved his life and he lived it on his own terms. We will miss him very much."

The seasoned reporter was also well known for his Civil-War knowledge and the four books he wrote about World War II, reported The Washington Post

Supreme court rules on Inmate's rights

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Supreme Court met to discuss proceedings for privately-held correction facilitates.

Prisoner Richard Pollard was injured severely at a private institution, reported the Miami Herald.

The court's decision could provide privately-held prisoners the same rights as those held in U.S. government prisons, reported the Wall Street Journal.

It would give prisoners the rights to sue in federal courts.

Oral hearings begin Tuesday, reported the Wall Street Journal

Humane treatment for pigs

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The U.S. Supreme Court extended humane animal treatment policies to include pigs, Saturday.

The National Meat Assn. challenged a Calif. law that required slaughterhouses to humanly remove pigs that couldn't stand on their own, which went to the U.S. Supreme Court, reported the Los Angeles Times

The meat industry lost money due to the law and sued , reported The Press-Enterprise, with nearly 2.5 percent of animals euthanized. The association claimed the goverment overstepped their authority by implementing the law.

"Hogwash," Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals told the Los Angeles Times, who was in favor of the Calif. law. The court ruled in a 3-0 decision, favoring the state of Calif.

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