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Hello! For this assignment, I started out by reviewing the key elements --novelty, value and feasibility, which are required to create an innovative recipe for success. I decided to create a no-bake 'milk fudge sunsign cookie!'

This is one of my ideation sheets in which I wrote out different ingredients and connected them together:

To start with, my guess was that most people would be trying to innovate with cookies that require baking. So, I thought I could try out something different.

I guess the whole sunsigns theme came into the picture because I was thinking of fortune cookies and sunsigns. ;)

I went through some baseline recipes for fudge cookies and decided to use milk powder, butter and condensed milk as my main ingredients. Here's a step-by-step narrative of my experience with photos:

Milk Fudge Sunsign Cookies

These are the ingredients that I used for making the milk fudge cookie base:
DSC04559 - Copy.JPG

Unsalted Butter (15 Tablespoons)
Condensed Milk (2 Cans, 400 grams each)
Milk Powder (3 Cups)
Cardamom Powder (1 pinch)

I started out by melting the butter in a cooking pan:
DSC04560 - Copy.JPG

I opened out the cans of condensed milk and mixed it with the butter:
DSC04563 - Copy.JPG

I then added milk powder to the mixture:
DSC04564 - Copy.JPG

I added in some cardamom powder and allowed the mixture to simmer in the stove:
DSC04565 - Copy.JPG

This was by far the most challenging part. I wanted to gauge the consistency of the mixture. I had to scoop parts of it in the wooden spoon and drop it down to see if it was "thick enough." I think this was where I was experimenting with several consistencies. I had to drop blobs of it onto a different plate as well.
DSC04568 - Copy (2).JPG

I let it cool down for sometime and tested out to see if it would get molded into some form:
DSC04569 - Copy.JPG

I then standardized the shape and size of the cookie with a cutter:
DSC04570 - Copy.JPG

I lined a tray with cling wrap and laid out the cookies flat:
DSC04571 - Copy.JPG

As with most fudge cookies, I decided to refrigerate this batch.

Here's the fun part-- I decided to use some Hershey's chocolate syrup to draw the sunsign symbols on the cookies. It was slightly time-consuming, but I really liked it:


Voila! This is what the cookies finally turned out to look like:
DSC04577 - Copy.JPG

After drawing the designs on, I put the entire batch into the refrigerator again.

For those of you that do not know which sign each of these symbols correspond to, take a look at this:

Novelty--The fact that this is a no-bake recipe and that it is inspired by the sunsigns theme.
Value--A toffee-like taste (and excitement for identifying and savoring one's own sunsign cookie perhaps ? ;) )
Feasibility- Definitely practical and more or less hassle-free.

Other combinations:
It might be interesting to eat these with wafers, chocolate chips and with strawberries.

Overall, this was a very interesting experience!


Hi Harini,
It is great to note that you started out with the key features to output an innovative cookie. You were absolutely right on, when you decided to go with a non-baked cookie as most of them were baked. The blog is very well written, easy to follow and the pictures blend nicely with your descriptions.

One thing I notice is that, the major ingredient of your cookie is only milk i.e. butter, condensed milk and dry milk powder. This might be a concern for many if they have strong aversion for a totally milk based cookie. Have you ever thought of dosing it with other ingredients, yet preserve the taste and texture to some extent and yet be a non-baked cookie? I assumed the condensed milk is sweetened, if not how much sugar is needed to compliment the heavy dose of milk needed for this cookie?
The concept of sunshine for the decorations is laudable.

-- Shiv


I loved that your recipe is ultra simple and easy to follow. The addition of signs to the cookie is certainly a fun and creative way to enhance them.

You've done an excellent job documenting the process of creating the cookies; your procedure and process are quite clear. I think it would be beneficial to expand your experimentation. It seemed to me like you just picked a recipe and idea and went for it. It would have been good to see an experimentation process in the cooking process, playing with ratios and ingredients. I also would have liked to see more exploration with putting the signs on the cookie, like swirling in a darker dough or integrating them in other ways.

All in all it looks like your cookies turned out well and the process was well documented. Good Job!

-Jimmy Rafter

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