Assignment 2


Part 1:
I started off this week's assignment by playing 'Words with Friends.' It is one of the leading mobile word that challenges players to create the highest scoring words-- very much like scrabble!


I also watched a few scenes from the sitcom- Big Bang Theory.

Part 2:
For mind-mapping, I used, an online tool that helped me in exploring various themes connected with winter.

Here is a link to the map that I had created. Be sure to pan, zoom in and zoom out as required while viewing this:

Here's a link to the final mind map with some images that I've shared via Skydrive--again, feel free to zoom in for clarity:!681&authkey=!AHoMBA9uMjKt-mU&v=3

Part 3:
I then started documenting my ideas onto my design notebook, using cross-products and association maps. Here are some silly ideas for winter clothing and accessories:

DSC04612 - Copy.JPG

Idea #1 Caribou Winter Hat:
DSC04600 - Copy.JPG

Idea #2 Mistletoe Scarf:
DSC04601 - Copy.JPG

Idea #3 Frostbite Boots:
DSC04602 - Copy.JPG

Idea #4 Slipping Soles:
DSC04619 - Copy.JPG

Idea #5 Holey Winter Gloves:

Idea #6 Penguin Sleeping Bag:
DSC04614 - Copy.JPG

Idea #7 Christmas Deco Hoodie:
DSC04607 - Copy.JPG

Idea #8 Christmas Bell Earmuffs:

Idea #9 Sheer Gauze Windchill Jacket:

Idea #10 Invisibility Camouflage Winter Scarf:
DSC04617 - Copy.JPG

The three sub-themes that I selected were scarves, coats/jackets and blankets.
Blankets is the sub-theme that has been assigned to me.


The colorfulness of the whole entry is the first thing I noticed making it very visually engaging. The text could be more engaging. Making it more like a story rather than a "I did this", "I used this", etc. Your pictures are very neat and well displayed, though I would suggest not drawing front to back because you can see them through the paper, therefore, taking the attention away from the picture that is actually being presented. I cannot comment on your mind map because the link does not work. If you could fix this it would be much appreciated.



I liked how you used bubbl to create your mind map, however I would have liked the pictures of the mind map to be directly in the blog. People may not take the time to look at it if they have to open a new window. Taking a screen shot of the mind map would have been an easy way to solve this problem.

I enjoyed seeing the products you created, your use of color and detail made all of the sketches playful and engaging. I found it interesting that all of your products were apparel-related. I am guessing that you created products from one sub-theme, but I would liked to have seen products from other themes that you developed.

Overall, your blog was very engaging and I can tell you put a lot of thought into your products.


Starting off with that game was a good idea because it forces you to use limited resources to create the words with the biggest score, so it forces you to think hard about what you are doing.

Using an online bubble map creating tool was good too. Although I would have liked to see a picture on the blog itself. Also using technology is sometimes a good idea but I feel like doing a paper and pencil mind map would have been easier and an easy way to just flip it open anywhere.

I enjoyed that you used colors to create your products, it gives them more personality and adds to the wackiness of the products themselves. I would have liked to see the sub themes above your products though and not at the bottom,

Overall great blog post. Really shows your creativity!

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