My archetypical object is a blanket and here are my interrogative problem statements:

#1: How might we achieve the right level of warmth, ventilation and minimize bad odor with a blanket during winter? (Ideas may cater to some or all of these functions. Since warmth relates to ventilation and ventilation in turn relates to bad odor, I had to club these into one question).

#2: How might we design a socially acceptable and portable blanket?

SCAMPER's idea spurring questions yielded some interesting results this week.

Can I change its color, roughness, sound or smell?
Some of my interviewees wanted the color of their blankets to be pleasing and to merge with their décor. So, I thought it might be nice to provide a bunch of layers with a set color palette or theme. The desired colored layer can be manually brought to the top and fastened with the help of a hook and loop fastener.
Layered Blanket.jpg

What can be combined to maximize the number of uses?
This prompt triggered the idea of a poncho blanket, which can carry a tribal theme, a zombie theme, may be used as a winter coat or as a throw blanket.
Poncho Blanket.jpg

What ideas can I incorporate?
This motivated me to research on some cool and innovative blanket ideas. One such idea was the IM Blanky-- a responsive blanket that changes its 3D form according to the user's position, with the help of tilt switch sensors:

Can I add extra features or somehow add extra value?
For this prompt, I came up with a blanket with heat-cum massage mitts and socks that the user can slide their hands and feet into.

Put to other Uses:
What else can it be used for?
It could be used as a blanket-cum -wall hanging or as a blanket tapestry.
Blanket cum Tapestry.jpg

Eliminate or Minify:
Can I compact it or make it smaller?
For this prompt, I came up with a double colored blanket could be compacted into a cushion. This could potentially find applications in the living room or even in the car.

Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
For this prompt, the 'Central Park Outdoor Blanket and Cooler Bag' served as an inspiration:

Part 2: Morphological Analysis
Since I added several rows of functional requirements, I thought the table might get too cluttered if I included diagrams.
Morphological Analysis.jpg

Here are the two sketches of Idea #1(blue) and Idea #2 (beige):

Idea #1: This blanket was inspired by window louvers and the concept of fluffing feathers in birds to keep warm. The fluffing of feathers is a biomimicry for insulation.

Idea #2: This is a greenhouse- solar powered tent, meant for travelers. It is easy to carry around, read under, with attached LED lighting, and harness solar power.
Greenhouse Tent Blanket.jpg

Part 3: Manipulating Silly Ideas
The matchbox blanket from last week was a way to collapse a blanket to the size of a tiny matchbox. While this may seem silly at first thought, the essence of this idea carries a lot of significance. I think it's very similar to the concept of a portable cushion cum blanket, where the blanket is essentially folded into a cushion form, which may be used in a car or in the living room.

Part 4: List of 10 Ideas

Idea #1: Greenhouse Solar Powered Tent Blanket
Greenhouse Tent Blanket.jpg

Idea #2: Louver Blanket

Idea #3: Backpack Blanket
Backpack Blanket.jpg

Idea #4: Pore'd Momo Blanket (the pores open and close like that of a 'momo'):

Idea #5: Poncho Thematic Blanket
Poncho Blanket.jpg

Idea #6: Home Decor Layered Blanket
Layered Blanket.jpg

Idea #7: Smart Adaptive Blanket with Thermostat and Odor Sensor

Idea #8: Tilt Switch Sensor Blanket

Idea #9: Multi-Layer Comfy Blanket

Idea #10: Blanket with warming and Massaging Mitts and Socks


It was great how clear all of your pictures are drawn and posted throughout your blog. A few of the ideas, however, could have also included a couple sentences of description or further annotation to fully grasp what they are communicating. I do like how it seemed like you thoroughly thought out the practical aspects of some of your ideas with information about micro-controllers and sensors.
The only other thing I would have liked to see was a little more depth with your scamper process documentation. Did you only come up with one idea per letter or did you only document your favorite idea? I just would have liked better documentation throughout your brainstorming to better get in your head.

The layout of your blog is fabulously refreshing to look at because everyone's is so plain looking! It was so nice to have you include your problem statements in your entry to get a feel of where you're coming from and why you chose what you chose. Your sketches are very thorough and super descriptive and it was so refreshing to be able to just look at them and decipher your intention very simply. I think there are some sketches you could have included a little more of a description like the louvre blanket for example. I think your blog as a whole is very well put together and thorough and it was very interesting to read!

Thanks for repeat your problem at the beginning of the blog. It helps me follow your research so far and understand your idea. Your ideas really inspired me. I thought you use the SAMPLE tool in a very efficient way and make significant difference. I was surprised that a blanket can have such more different uses and potential possibilities. Especially I like the idea with senor on it. It changes its shape based on users’ position. It solves lots of health problem that caused by the move of blanket cannot follow the user, when the user is fall asleep. Your morphological analysis table is very detailed and clear. If you could involve some pictures to demonstrate the words, it maybe helps the reader to locate their eyes.

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