Part 1: Marketable

My archetypical object is a blanket.
I administered my survey early on Friday last week. Here is a link to it:

I posted it on Facebook and also included a link to the survey in some forums.
Given below is a summary of 24 responses and some additional feedback.

Ideas #1-5:
Survey Responses 1.jpg

Ideas #6-10
Survey Responses 2.jpg

The last question in my survey was to pick the top five ideas from the list of ten.
Five Best Ideas.jpg

Part 2: Novel

Based on these responses, here are the top five ideas:

Greenhouse Solar Powered Tent Blanket
This is yet another product that I found: Unfortunately, I could not find the price for it.
The opportunity here would be to create a product that might be cost-effective for campers/hikers.

Patent: Solar outdoor tent CN 202913766 U


Smart Adaptive Blanket with Thermostat and Odor Sensor
Based on my research, I have not been able to find a product that combines a thermostat and odor sensor. This could be an opportunity.

Patent: Smart Adaptive Blanket Intelligent electric blanket CN 102327009 A


Backpack Blanket
Most of these have manifested in the kids market, there are very few products for outdoor travelers. Perhaps the opportunity here might be to introduce something to the outdoor traveler.

Patent: Blanket backpack US 20110088165 A1

Fluffing Blanket


Patent: Nothing as far as I could see.

This was a very tricky one. I have not been able to similar product nor a patent so far. I will keep looking and update this section if I happen to find anything in the coming days.


Multi-layered Comfy Blanket
As far as I could see, this seems to be common with baby blankets.

Patent: Convertible blanket US 20080250560 A1


Part 3: Feasible

This has been the most challenging part of the assignment, since some of these technologies are emerging and require in-depth research for integration into products. However, I have tried my best to identify some components and associated costs:

Greenhouse Solar Powered Tent Blanket
The major issue here lies in identifying a cost-effective way to harness solar power, which may be done in one of the following ways:
-Using a flexible solar panel is one way.
-Weaving solar technology (either with dyes or without dyes)
-Printing solar cells onto regular fabric seems like a promising solution. This seems efficient, less complex and cheaper, 3D printed solar cells can also capture more sunlight than conventional photovoltaic models. Purchasing a 3D printer would be a one-time investment.
-Using self-contained solar cells.
-Solar Flower is an open-source energy collector that can be made from salvaged materials. Depending on available resources it should take one to three unskilled people less than a week to build, and cost under $100.

Other costs involved include heating, supporting fabrics and components necessary for tent construction.

Smart Adaptive Blanket with Thermostat and Odor Sensor
Factoring in the cost of fabric and electronics, a simple blanket with a thermostat and LED can be sold for $40.

The major issue here is to identify a way to integrate the odor sensor into the blanket. One way to do this is suggested here:
I have so far not been able to identify the price for this sensor.

Placement and housing of the circuitry is another issue.

Backpack Blanket
The major issue here is to identify a way to store the blanket fabric and to enable easy unraveling from side compartments. Factoring in the costs of the backpack, blanket fabric and trims, this can be sold anywhere between $30-70.

Fluffing Blanket
The major issue here is to figure out a way to enable automatic fluffing of the blanket. I need to identify a sensor that achieves this--perhaps a motion sensor. I am not clear with how much this would cost.

Placement and housing of the circuitry is another issue.

Multi-Layered Comfy Blanket
The major issue here would be to figure out a way to fasten the flaps that come together from both sides. Factoring in the cost of 3-5 fabric, insulation (wadding/batting cloth), seaming operations, fastener type, this could range from $30-70.


I think that you did very well on this assignment. One particular thing that I liked about your post is that you were extremely thorough. You were very specific on your novel section of this post. This was helpful to me because I could see how your ideas related to actual products even though you used a different method than a 2x2; nice work!

Something that I think you could have possibly improved is the images of your survey. It was a bit inconvenient to have to click on them to actually see the information. I had to zoom in after I clicked on it also. Perhaps it would be easier to read if you would have taken pictures of the information for each individual product instead of 5 of them at a time. But other than that, your blog is very easy to read and understand!

I think your assignment is very well detailed. Especially in the novel part, you made a good statistic on the survey results. The use of graphs to show the results was very effective and you also demonstrate each person’s response in detail. I liked that you chose your 5 best ideas based on the results of the survey not from your opinions about your ideas that you think are the best. I think this is very important.

I appreciated that you did not follow the 2by2 matrix method because your method was more detail oriented, so I could look at each product and its function in detail. I liked all of your ideas and they are all well described with images.

One thing I could suggest to improve your posting is that in the survey part, you should organize the cost part. It was kind of hard to understand first because they were kind of irregular.

Overall, I think you did very well on this assignment!! I can see that you spent a lot of time for this assignment. Nice work.

Your research as well as surveys seem to be done extremely well! Great idea posting it on facebook as well as some forums, I bet you got responses from a wide range of people! Your ideas are fun as well, I think the cozy blanket has a lot of market potential in the toddler/older kids/maybe even adults department!
A suggestion I would have for your blog as a whole would be to add some 2x2s so we can visualize where the market potential lies for each product.
Overall, great job researching, and organizing your blog. Keeping all of the information for each product in one spot helps a lot when reading it!

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