My archetypical product is a blanket and here are my top five ideas from last week:

  • Greenhouse Solar Powered Tent Blanket
  • Smart Adaptive Blanket with Thermostat and Odor Sensor
  • Backpack Blanket
  • Fluffing Blanket
  • Multi-Layered Comfy Blanket

Pugh Chart

For this week's assignment, I started off by doing a Pugh chart (click on the image for an enlarged view):

Pugh Chart.jpg

The criteria I selected are as follows:

  • Uniqueness and Competitive advantage were done based on bench-marking from existing products in the market and patents)

  • User Preferences (rankings and feedback provided by survey respondents and interviewees)

  • Whether or not the product is eco-friendly: Ideas 2 and 4 specifically may pose problems with disposal, according to this source. Even though Idea 5 might potentially use electronics, there is a trade-off here, in that it primarily focuses on harnessing solar power-- a renewable form of energy.

  • Societal Impact (Trends circling these products were analyzed and the impact of launching this idea was assessed

  • Price

The winner that emerged from the Pugh chart is Idea 5.

Name and Sketch of Product

The name given to this product idea is 'Solar Greenhouse Blanket Tent.' I felt the most important part of the name was the primary source of power. I then felt that the words Greenhouse and Blanket should be given emphasis, because of the warmth that the tent would retain.

Here is a sketch of the final idea (click on image for an enlarged view):
IMG_20131209_030835 (1).jpg

Video Pitch

Here is my 30 second video pitch for the 'Solar Greenhouse Blanket Tent':


I will leave more feedback later, but currently your video is set to "private" and I can't watch it.

Your post is very well organized and has great hierarchy in the text. To heighten the clarity of your PUGH chart, you could have explained your grading system and what each symbol means.

For your video pitch, you could improve your presentation by making more eye contact with the audience.

Your pitch is well done and informative. I'm very curious about how this technology works and whether you could store power for cloudy days or for the night time. Your pitch is well delivered though.

Other than that, I don't have any other comments. Well done!

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