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Friday, November 16th

Scholarly vs. Popular

Both can be useful in your research process, but it is important to know the difference!

Scholarly sources: (ie: JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association)
Published by professional organizations, associations, universities and colleges.
Found in books or in journals that are published infrequently (monthly, quarterly).
Articles may be long.
The articles are likely written by a scholar or researcher from the field s/he is writing about, and always cites sources with footnotes or a bibliography.

Popular sources: (ie: Time Magazine, Wikipedia)
Published in a variety of mass media: magazines, newspapers, websites.
These sources are often published frequently (daily, weekly).
Articles may be short.
The articles are likely written by a writer from outside the field s/he is writing about, and may not cite sources with a bibliography.

Using the Library website to find resources:
-Select an index by a subject
-Use academic research bases, like LexisNexis Academic or JSTOR
-Try using the "I Need to Find" box on the Library Welcome Page - look for statistics, facts, encyclopedias, etc.

1. Bring 1 printed source
2. Bring a typed summary of that source (about 1/2 page)