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Obituary: RIP, Preston "Bodie" Broadus

Yes, Bodie, the Game is rigged.

Like many fellow luddites, I'm behind the eight-ball on this one. Since I don't have HBO I only recently learned of Bodie's demise, while watching my DVD copy of "The Wire" season 4. Although I wasn't surprised, I was nevertheless heartbroken. Bodie was no saint (no character on "The Wire" really is), but he will be missed. Following are my descriptions of some of my favorite Bodie moments:

1. Sneaking out of the boys' detention center by posing as a janitor (Season One).

2. Listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" while driving around in Philly (Season Two).

3. Discussing the Game with McNulty, when he finally begins to show some real wisdom (Season Four).

Bodie, you will be missed.


If I dream about how great sex with Spencer is, I will have no choice but to fuck the hell out of that gorgeous player.

So the old friends became enemies, and Ben Hur's hate and quest for revenge gets started.

The main antagonist does have some good moments (especially one near the end when he does something you wish he would have done right from the beginning) but other than that he and the rest of the bad guys are dull or non-existent for most of the film.

Nolan was simply lucky in having an action movie released during a time when there wasn't really much competition and audiences were clearly hungry for something better.