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For Friday's Class

1. Consult your Longman Writer's Companion handbook, pp. 202-204.

2. Bring 3 copies of Paper 2, draft 1.

3. Review any one chapter of Song of Solomon and take good notes on plot, characters, themes, etc.

Remember: 2nd Draft due MONDAY!!


Milkman went to Susan house. He listens to her story about his grandmother told from Susan. She told milkman that her grandmother was born once in a slave. She had fall in love with Jack. Milkman doesn’t know if he wanted to believe or not. Then she told Milkman about how his grandma had run away with Jake. They supposed to go to Virginia but instead end up in Pennsylvania. Along the road they meet this group of child who sing about�Jake was the only son of the Solomon.� Jake didn’t like it because he doesn’t believe that because they were more than 20 kids in the family.

Chapter 13
After the trip to the south, Guitar returned to Michigan looking for Hagar. Feeling sorry for Hagar, Guitar comforted her and told her to move on with her life. Pilate and Reba also tried to cheer her up but it didn’t help. Wanting to get Milkman back, Hagar thought that if she changed her appearances then Milkman would come back to her. In order to have her shopping spree, Reba pawned her wedding ring for Hagar. She brought many clothes and changed her hair. On the way home, Hagar stuck in the storm and her things fell of the bag. After she got home, she got a high fever and died.
Chapter 15
Milkman went to Pilate and told her what he found out about their family. After Pilate heard the story, Pilate and Milkman took the bones in the green sag and went to bury them in Virginia. While they were burying the bones, Pilate got shot by accident. Guitar didn’t shoot Pilate on purpose. Guitar was going to shoot Milkman

-The conflict between Ruth And her husband Macon leaded them to not sleep together for dacades.Ruth explaining to her son how hard that kind of life was “I was twenty years old when your father stopped sleeping in the bed with me that is hard Macon, very hard. By the time I was thirty… I think I was just afraid I’d die that way.� Chapter (125).

Pilate was strong
“But I wouldn’t and Pilate helped me stand him off. I wouldn’t be strong enough without her. She saved my life. And yours, Macon.�(Morrison 125) this quote point out that how Pilate was strong in her family participation.

Chapter 7-9
Chapter 7 and 8 is pretty much all about the conflict happened between Macon and Pilate as Macon Dead narrate to his son Milkman. “I never finished the story, I never told you all of it.The part I left out was about me and Pilate� (Morrison, 165). Macon Dead started telling the story happened between his sister and Pilate long ago after the death of their father.
According to Morrison, after the dead of their father Macon and Pilate became homeless and went to the closest colored person they know, Circe. They stayed there for just couple weeks and left her home since they couldn’t get used to it. Even though, they had been treated with all the basic needs they deserve, we have seen that experiencing a new environment by itself wasn’t easy. “Pilate began to cry the day Circe brought her white toast and cherry gum for breakfast. She wanted her own cherries, from her own cherry tree; with stem and seed; not some too sweet mashed mush.� (Morrison, 167)
After narrating all the story about what was going on after they left Circe’s house, the chapter finally talk about the conflict happened between Macon and Pilate about the gold after the dead man. Macon told Milkman how Pilate tried to fool Milkman and took the gold.
Chapter 9 is the story about Porter and Corinthians in which he tried to build relationship with Corinthinans. As discussed in the novel, they used to ride bus together and he put envelope on her sit in the envelope there was a greeting card and flower. Then Corinthian saw the envelope whereby she didn’t pickup until she reached the place she was getting off the bus. “ Eventually Mr. Porter offered to pick Corinthians up after work.� After this offer she agreed “ Corinthians agreed, and the result was a pair of middle-aged lovers behaved like teen-agers- afraid to be young for.� (94)