February 28, 2008

Last day

So, today is the last day... :(

Last night before I met Vivian for dinner... I stopped at Shuang Hur
Total: 24.23

I got some seaweed wraps, halo halo, tamarind sucker, 4 Mr. Coffee, 3 bags of shrimp hot garlic chips, 2 packets of dried mangoes, and a pound and a half of shrimp...
Then I went over to Quangs, and ate dinner... I got some pork, and rice, with this crab stuff... nummy.,..

Then I went home... did some reading.....

February 27, 2008

more caffeine

Last night, a bunch of us went out to eat at Old Chicago... I ordered a Philly chicken stromboli... Nummy! Justin paid for us and total it came to 25.00 (including tip)

Took the car to the internship today... Stopped at McDs to get a coffee
Total: 1.38

February 26, 2008

cupcake.. yes, you!

thanks for the cupcake during class... de-lish, and A+ for that!

What drives this caffeine addiction?

Last night, I came home after being at school from 8:30-4:30, doing nonstop homework, and other relatable work... Didn't get up from staring at my friend Mac all day, unless you count health breaks. When I got home, I was so hungry... I had some Wild Rice and Chicken soup, as well as some veggies and dill dip, and an orange... From there, Justin had made some chips and guac dip, and I had some of that too! For dessert, I had a strawberry fruit bar... mmm

So, I know... I know... I had to feed my caffeine addiction... sad but true
Java City - $2.12

that's it for this morning

February 25, 2008


This morning I kind of felt nauseated... My tummy hurt, so I stopped at McDs to get a coffee...
Total: 1.38
I didn't get anything else... I was actually contemplating where I should get this coffee, and decided on McD's, though BKs coffee is so much better, but decided on McDs because they actually put the creamer in the coffee for you. BK gives you the little cups for you to put it in yourself, and since I was in the car and didn't want to mess with trying to get that creamer in the cup while driving.... I chose convenience. .. . . ..

February 24, 2008

Divine Breakfast

Today was great!! I woke up to Justin and breakfast!! He is the best pancake maker I know... Amazing! we had sausage, eggs, pancakes, and fruit!! Yummy! this is actually becoming a Sunday morning routine, and I am loving it! It was great..

My sister came over today... We watched most of the House episodes left on our TV, that is recorded... We also watched a few Numbers Episodes and Barber Shop! Oh and Dane Cook's Viscious... He's a funny man, a funny man! Then I cut her hair, being that I am the family barber...

Anyway, Justin has a hockey game today, and so we went out to eat with his friend, Troy and his wife Amanda, at Old Chicago... Justin paid about 23 $ For the both of us, including the tip...

It was my turn to fill up on gas, so I paid
Total: 25.86
I also got two gatorades, and a coffee for myself, before we headed to the game... great day!

February 23, 2008


Breakfast of champions.. or maybe just the fat ones... I felt guilty after telling myself I only wanted to get the coffee... and instead walked outta there with a meal
Total: 4.12


So yesterday, I didnt really spend so much money... I brought my own lunch... Then, my cousin was nice and brought me subway.. how nice... Seafood! Then I went to school to get some homework done...After that, I got home and we decided that we were going to go grocery shopping... but we decided to stop at Chipotle, since we didn't want to go in hungry and buy everything we see... Justin paid for out dinner.. around 12 bucks... not bad, very good food! Then we went to Cub, got pretty much an entire months worth of food for us all (roommates)
Totalling about 176 dollars... we split it three ways, and me and justin had prior gift cards from Christmas... So in total, from our joint account, we spent $51.00 Great!!! for so much food!
Then we got home and relaxed!

February 21, 2008

Catching Up

K... So yesterday was a busy day for me... I woke up semi - early, about 7 am, got ready and headed over to West Band to see about my internship.. i took the car so that I could later get my other errands done...
I know I needed to find a portfolio case somewhere and started my search at Home Depot.. Found a really cool compartmentalized box...
Total: 21.40

After that, I drove around, not knowing exactly where my destination, Paper Depot was, and finally gave up and decided to go to Anchor Paper instead. Then, before I went there, I decided to try my luck at the GoodWill, to see if I could find a more unique portfolio case. Scored
Total: 16.04

It was at goodWill that I realize that my friend, who turned 21 that day, was having a get together, and I (lost and confused) thought it was on Thursday... I rushed to Anchor Paper, found a bunch of samples for my statioinary set...

Then I rushed to st paul campus to finish up my stationary... (my computer is now broken...) then I went to Target to pick her up a gift... some make-up and chocolates!! I splurchased on some other goods I really didn't need too...
Total: 11.89

After that, we all got ready for the evening..
Went to Applebees and I paid for mine and Justins meal;
Total: 39.03 Justin also left the tip for the entire table... 18 more dollars...

Then we went over to Gameworks... and I bought only one alcoholic beverage...
Total: 6.00
Justin actually bought a game card.. I believe he purchased it for about 28 some odd dollars, and shared it with everyone so that we could all play the games...

February 19, 2008


Today I started off by getting to the bookstore, St Paul, and bought some PMA adhesive paper...
Total: $2.66

Then I made my way to the gopher spot and got some coffee...
Total: $1.76

Today, will definitely be a long day... I took the bus to school today, and so i hope justin will be picking me up around 8:30 tonight... That'll be good..
I also indulged myself in the MN Daily Soduko this morning....
That's about it...

February 18, 2008

shopping splurchase

Today I did my homework and went to Target to complete my splurchase... I walked around and found some Tazo tea.
Total: 2.96

I also hit up a bunch of candy from Valentines day.. I got some heart shaped cake pans, as well as a cupcake recipe book....
Total: 18.45
I shared this with everyone tho... At work, I had two wheat rolls.... buttered... as well as a lindor white chocolate truffle...
mmm............ oh, and a water..


Yesterday, I woke up refreshed, and decided that I needed to clean out my kitchen!! So I swept and swiffered, and put everything away... Then we made breakfast/lunch... We had tater tots, fries, sausage, and cauliflower and broccoli... We also made 7 layer bars.. yum!!
Then we watched Resident Evil while we ate...
After that was all over, I felt pretty irritable... I really felt like procrastinating and watching anther movie, but knew I had to do homework.. And I knew everyone at home was going to get to lounge on the couch, watching tv (nascar) all day!! Puuey! So, I first went to Target to return some things, then took my return money and went and purchased some movies from Video Stardom... Then I went to McD's to return the video and picked up some chicken nuggets.
Total: $4.21

Then I did homework all night long, with my nuggets to my side.. hehe

Today... I went to McDs, intending on only getting a coffee, but ended up getting breakfast as well..
Total: $4.37

Now, I continue to do homework..

February 16, 2008

Just another day

I didn't do too much yesterday... It was all just a big blur... I surprisingly didn't stop for any coffee on the way to work... I guess I looked in my checkbook and realized that I could skip today! I get free coffee at work anyway... I also had to buy Justins shoes yesterday... He has an interview with BNC bank, and needed new shoes... So, I got some at Marshalls..
Total : $37.99

We also went to McDs, and got two movies.. The Kingdom, and Ratatouille (my pick!) and Justin paid.. Then we went to the lab, so that I could print off the articles for seminar to read at work today!!

I had two coffees, some juice, some gingerbread crackers, and TWO slices of pie!!! Apple!

February 14, 2008

Slice of Chicago...

Mr Greg Summins, you would be proud... I couldn't help thinking of you going to Slice of Chicago... (though it didn't remind me of Chicago at all) I went with Simon and Andy, kind of a spur of the moment deal...I had been working on homework all day in the lab... and desperately needed some food!! I ended up getting a double cheeze buggs with fries...
Total: 5.34

Today, I had to get a new sims card for my phone.. Cuz I lost it!!! eh... another expense..I went into T-mobile and the man said he'll give me the sim card for 20 bucks, OR he'll give it to me free if I buy an accessory... Using my talented and gifted sense... I got a leather phone case, and a FREE sims card!! Yay..
Total: $10.73

I also stopped by Sola Squeeze to award my sharp thinking skills with a Wild Strawberry Smoothie..
Total : $3.60

Now I am at school... I think I'll get something to eat later...

Oh, and Viv said yes!!! She will now be singing at my wedding.. what an honor..

I mean like yeah, she is like totally like a real Asian like pop star now. how totally cool! lol

Also, I still haven't gotten my sweetie anything for Valentines Day... I am going to have to find something quick...
He got my American Eagle Real parfum, with chocolate roses, a teddy named Casanova!, and tickets to Cat Williams comedy show!.. So theres no way I can come close to that at school..
(maybe the essense of gestalt wrapped nicely into a box) hmm....

February 13, 2008

where do I start?

Today is just an ordinary day.. I woke up with hardly any sleep today... and took the bus to my internship... I actually got a free cafe white mocha today cuz I've bought enough of them to earn one ree one... Sweet...
At my internship from 9:30 - 11:30 then headed over to McNeal, where I sit now... staring at the computer, wondering......

where do I start?