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Day 11-

Today was a pretty good day, being very easy going and relaxing, though I had to work this morning at nine am. I drove to work today, since its Friday and I get free parking. Before I got there, I needed some caffeine, so I stopped at BK, (I have decided that Starbucks, almost 5$ coffee is not worth is anymore, unless I am feeling REALLY good, or I need some kind of reward.) and I got a large coffee... but what the hey, why not get some breakfast too
BK Food : $5.23

When I got to work, I made two Teas. I also watched the news, as well as read portions of the Pioneer Press. I also read Brand Gap by Neumeier. Almost done!

I believe we are going out to eat tonight... But I am not sure where. This decision is base on who wants to go out and where they want to go... We'll see I guess.