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Yesterday, I woke up refreshed, and decided that I needed to clean out my kitchen!! So I swept and swiffered, and put everything away... Then we made breakfast/lunch... We had tater tots, fries, sausage, and cauliflower and broccoli... We also made 7 layer bars.. yum!!
Then we watched Resident Evil while we ate...
After that was all over, I felt pretty irritable... I really felt like procrastinating and watching anther movie, but knew I had to do homework.. And I knew everyone at home was going to get to lounge on the couch, watching tv (nascar) all day!! Puuey! So, I first went to Target to return some things, then took my return money and went and purchased some movies from Video Stardom... Then I went to McD's to return the video and picked up some chicken nuggets.
Total: $4.21

Then I did homework all night long, with my nuggets to my side.. hehe

Today... I went to McDs, intending on only getting a coffee, but ended up getting breakfast as well..
Total: $4.37

Now, I continue to do homework..