February 24, 2008

Divine Breakfast

Today was great!! I woke up to Justin and breakfast!! He is the best pancake maker I know... Amazing! we had sausage, eggs, pancakes, and fruit!! Yummy! this is actually becoming a Sunday morning routine, and I am loving it! It was great..

My sister came over today... We watched most of the House episodes left on our TV, that is recorded... We also watched a few Numbers Episodes and Barber Shop! Oh and Dane Cook's Viscious... He's a funny man, a funny man! Then I cut her hair, being that I am the family barber...

Anyway, Justin has a hockey game today, and so we went out to eat with his friend, Troy and his wife Amanda, at Old Chicago... Justin paid about 23 $ For the both of us, including the tip...

It was my turn to fill up on gas, so I paid
Total: 25.86
I also got two gatorades, and a coffee for myself, before we headed to the game... great day!