January 24, 2008

Target Stop...

I went to Target meaning to get some frozen dinners for supper for the next few nights. I also chose Target because I get a discount there, since I am an employee (on a educational leave for the semester though). I ended up leaving with a little more than that. My fiance also needed a few things that of course, I paid for, since I have the discount. I got tea, summer sausage, oatmeal, popcorn, milk, strawberry fruit bars, and fruit snacks...

Total - $28.19

Surprisingly I didn't get the frozen dinners! Oh, and we also needed kittly litter, which was another reason we stopped. We lost track of why we came when we started browsing the Wii games. Interesting...

After starting the car (when we finally realized we forgot the TV dinners) we had to stop at Rainbow. Justin paid for these items... But we got some french fries, as well as some tater tots and my TV dinners. I also got the Asparagus Stir Fry because it was on sale. Didn't need it but still purchased it. I only got the fries though cuz I ate my roomates fries, and I thought I'd be nice and replace them.

Tonight, Justin made some Tuna Helper Cheesy Pasta and frozen corn for supper. All four of us ate all of it! Man we were hungry. Then we topped it off wtih the strawberry fruit bars!

No TV for me tonight. I went through my planner and figured out a tentative schedule for me to follow for the rest of the semester. =to help keep me on track= hopefully :)

Again and Again

Feeling a little awkward with this styleboard...
I think I did my gd4 project wrong... so I do it again!

Printing at McNeal Lab - $1.00

Morning Buzz

Last night my cousin made some frozen Stouffers Lasagna for dinner... Yum!

This morning I had a meeting for my new internship at the James Ford Bell Library and I just
had to have my coffee this morning, so I stopped at the Java City in Wiley Hall.

Large Guatemala coffee $2.13

After the meeting I went to McNeal to finish up some homework. Finishing the rest of my project for GD4s "Brand Me" style board

Printing at the McNeal Lab $.50