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‘Big Bang’ Machine Proves to be Successful

On Wednesday, the BBC reported that the organization—known by its French acronym CERN—accomplished its first major tests with an experiment that will hopefully recreate the conditions just seconds after the Big Bang.

They fired two beams of protons around a long tunnel which houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a large machine that uses great force in order to smash protons together. With this machine, scientists hope to discover truths about many unanswered physics questions.

The LHC, described as the biggest physics experiment in history, will hopefully reveal uncertainties about antimatter, “dark matter,? and could even prove the existence of the Higgs boson, an assumed particle believed to give mass to all other particles.

“We will be able to see deeper into matter than ever before,? said Dr. Tara Shears to the BBC.

In a few months, the machine will eventually fire two beams at the same time in opposite directions in the hopes of recreating the conditions immediately after the Big Bang.

CERN’s project attracted scientists from 80 nations, about 1,200 alone from the United States.

CERN, however, spent 25 percent more than they had originally budgeted, reported AOL news, and the completion date was also delayed for two years. The BBC reported that the current price of the LHC was nearly four times the original estimation.

On Wednesday, engineers from Geneva to Chicago celebrated their achievement with champagne. Some scientists have been waiting 20 years to use the LHC for their own experiments.

AOL news reported that less than 100 years ago, scientists believed protons and neutrons to be the smallest parts of an atom’s nucleus. Now, researchers know the LHC will be able to show them a whole different perspective.