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Pawlenty Passed for Palin

Governor Tim Pawlenty must have felt some disappointment last week when Sarah Palin was chosen as the Republican Party’s vice presidential candidate, reported CityPages.

Always a loyal fan of McCain, Pawlenty met the GOP’s presidential candidate in his early twenties and has maintained a close relationship with McCain ever since. No one would have guessed that McCain would have picked a rather unknown governor from Alaska, especially when they had only met once, according to CityPages.

However, argues MinnPost, Pawlenty might be setting himself up for great future opportunities.

“He’s good enough to be on top of the ticket,? said Betsy Wergin, a state senator from Princeton, to MinnPost.

Pawlenty’s second term as governor will end in 2010, and only two years later, a presidential election, as well as a senatorial race, will be taking place. Pawlenty needs to decide if he will be running for another term as governor, if he is going to run for a seat in the Senate, or if he will chase the dream of the White House.

“He faces several risks,? said David Schultz to MinnPost. “First, it’s hard to win a third term. The track record on that is not successful.?

Regardless, it is safe to say that Pawlenty will take the high road and will most likely be appointed to McCain’s administration if he were to win the presidential race, reported CityPages.