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Armed parking ramp robber caught on tape

Recent armed robberies in downtown Minneapolis have led to a crime alert, Kare 11 reports.

The man, who frequented parking ramps, left himself vulnerable. Because many of these ramps are now equipped with video surveillance, police now have a description of the man, reported Kare 11.

Video captured the man in a parking ramp at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College on Hennepin Avenue, reported Kare 11.

The man, reported WCCO, is a black man, 5-foot-8 with a medium-dark complexion.

According to WCCO, the man has commited crimes in three other parking ramps--one in Laurel Village, one on 3rd and 2nd Avenue, and one on 1st and 2nd Avenue.

The suspect, police told Kare 11, has pistol whipped at least two victims.

"There are people like him out there that just not satisfied with taking property from people," said Lt. Mike Fossum with the Minneapolis Police Department to Kare 11. "Half the thrill for them, since they're cowards anyway, is to inflict punishment on the victims, humiliation, so we'd like to inflict a little bit ourselves by locking him up in prison."

It's a high priority to get this man off the street, reported WCCO, especially because he has used a gun to harm his victims by hitting them. If he has a gun, police do not doubt he would eventually fire it if he needed to.

Kare 11
described him as being between the age 25 to 30, had a goatee, and was wearing a dark stocking cap, thigh-length pullover and jeans and bulky gloves.