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Mexican scientists produce diamonds from tequila

Mexican scientists have turned a booming export, tequila, into diamonds, yet the crystals are too small to be used in jewelry, reported ABC News from Australia.

Physicists, the BBC reported, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico made the discovery and announced it Wednesday, saying these diamonds could have many industrial uses.

According to ABC News, the diamonds could be used to detect radiation, coat cutting tools or act as a substitute for silicon in the computer chips of the future, said Miguel Apatiga, one of three researchers who made the discovery.

According to BBC, who also spoke with Apatiga, the tequila was converted into a vapour by being put under a great amount of heat. The gas molecules break up into small particles, after which they increase the temperature even more to 800 degrees Celsius.

The end result, the BBC reported, are carbon atoms that are deposited in the shape of a thin diamond film.

They began experimenting 13 years ago, ABC News reported, with synthetic diamonds made by a technological process. Then they moved on to producing diamonds from liquids.

The BBC reported that one advantage of making diamond film from tequila is that it is extremely cheap. Even the cheapest of tequila brands averaging $3 a bottle are good enough to make diamonds.

While these diamonds are too small to make jewelry, the scientists are investigating other applications for tequila diamonds, both sources reported.