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First grader faces expulsion after robbery

A first grade boy who took a table knife to Pembroke Pines elementary school and threatened a six-year-old boy in order to receive $1 faces possible expulsion, as well as charges of armed robbery, officials told the New York Times Wednesday.

This is one of several incidents that have been occurring recently in South Florida schools, reported the Miami Herald, including an 8-year-old who brought a gun to school at Broward County School and the shooting death of a sophomore at Dillard.

According to the New York Times, the seven-year-old approached the six-year-old boy in the restroom and took his dollar, authorities said. The six-year-old got a nosebleed during the robbery, but no other injuries were suffered.

The victim's mother reported the incident Monday, after the Thanksgiving break, and school administrators informed the police, reported the Miami Herald. Pembroke Pines then sent a letter home addressing the issue, while also encouraging parents to speak with their children about the current events and making sure their child is not doing anything that could cause harm to others.

The case will not be easy, however, reported the New York Times.

“There’s some difficulty in this case because you first have to determine if the child knew what he was doing,? a police spokesman, David Golt, said to the New York Times.

Unless the prosecution can prove that the first grader is "legally competent," then he cannot be prosecuted, reported the Miami Herald.

According to the New York Times, if he is expelled from Pembroke Pines, the seven-year-old will be sent to an alternative school, an education facility that specializes in the education of children who have behavioral problems.