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Durkheim and Addam's Dialogue

Scene- Addam's and Duekheim at a co-ed bathhouse in Chicago. The two coincidently strike up a conversation

Addams- Durkheim! I've recently overheard you theorizing about the Anomic Division of Labor. I agree with your ideas on the collective consciousness. I am actually partly responsible for getting the government to build this very bathhouse. It was tricky though getting it to be co-ed but as a collective group we managed to get the job done.

Durkheim- Is that so? Just wonderful. I am a beleiver in cleanliness. For a bathhouse like this to be here, to provide a group form of becoming clean and foster solidarity is a great example of my theorizing. Addams, *Pulls out a cigar and lighter from his "Made in America" satchel* tell me something. what is your stance on the Division of Labor creating organic solidarity.

Addams- *snatches the cigar from Durkheim before he can light it* This here cigar is a product of the division of labor. One man picks it, the next dries it, the next rolls it, the next packages it, and so on. How can you be so hypocritical?

Durkheim- *smiles and snatches the cigar back holding it up high in the air* Why miss Addams, if you would have taken the time to look at the small print on the cigar wrapper, It clearly states "a fair trade product". *Durkheim lights up the cigar only to be snatched one more time from Addams"

Addams- Well in that case *takes a drag off of the cigar and walks away smiling*

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