Japan Tsunami

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On Friday an earthquake occurred in the same Japanese coast devastated by last year's massive earthquake and tsunami. Several people were reportedly injured and some building were moving, reported the L.A Times.

The earthquake had magnitude of 7.3 and occurred at 5:18 p.m. reported ABC News.

After the earthquake the authorities issued an alarm of a possible tsunami, but two hours later the alarmed was canceled, reported ABC, news.

L.A Times reported that the public television broadcaster NHK reported that five people were injured, including a 75-year-old woman in Miyagi.

There was no reports of any nuclear plants damages, but only two of Japan's 50 nuclear plants are operating at the moment. The other ones have been shut down for safety checks, reported L.A Times

U.S Employment

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The unemployment rate in U.S has fallen to 7.7% and its lowest level in the last four years, reported The Guardian.

People thought it was because of hurricane Sandy's. But its effect on the figures was much smaller many analysts had predicted, reported Recordline.

The hurricane did had a impact on the economy since the weather prevented 369,000 people from getting to work. This was the most for any month in almost two years, reported Recordline.

Finally, in this past month retail sector added 53,000 jobs as the holiday season started. But manufacturers did not have the best luck since they cut 7,000 positions, reported The Guardian

Hugo Chavez

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Hugo Chavez arrives back to Caracas after being 11-days in Cuba receiving a post cancer treatment, reported The Guardian.

Chavez traveled to Cuba Nov. 27. This Friday was the first time he appears on public media since Nov.15, reported Fox News.

His appearance on TV was this morning in a news program on state-run TV, which showed him joking and catching up with members of his cabinet, reported The Guardian.

"What time is it? 3am? This is the perfect hour to go party. Where is the party, then?" Chavez said in the morning program, reported The Guardian.

Chavez did not given details recently about the oxygen treatment he had in Cuba and so far he has not give any detail about the type of cancer or where the tumors are/were located, reported Fox News

Gophers Basketball

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The Gophers will play Southern California on the road this Saturday, reported the Minnesota Daily.

This will be an important game, not only for the player but also for Coach Smith since if the Gophers beat USC, this would be win No. 500 for Smith's career. "That's a testament to longevity, just being able to stay in the game, a testament to the good players I've had, because I haven't made a shot since 1973," Smith said to the StarTribune.

Smith said they chemistry of this team is one of the best he has ever seen and they are ready for big things, reported the StarTribune.

As of right now Minnesota is ranked 14 in the country with a 9-1 record, reported Minnesota Daily.

Max Shortell

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Gopher QB Max Shortell will be transferring and will not be playing the bowl game with the Gophers, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The 20-year-old sophomore is not going to say any probable destinations until receiving his release from the Gophers, however, he says he some options, reported the StarTribune.

Coach Kill said to the Minnesota Daily, "Max is an outstanding young man, and I respect and understand his decision to transfer."

Shortell's father, Tom Shortell said to the StarTribune that there are no specific reasons of transfering, and that coach kill tried to talk to Max about it. "He [Coach Kill] tried to talk Max out of transferring. I know Max really wishes it had worked out there."


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President Obama, at News Conference, Finesses Questions:

I think in this conference the repoerter does a very good job of reporting what the conference was about and describing the most important parts of it.

He is always following a sequence, and letting the reader know what is happendin by using words like "the most intense moment by far... the president was relaxed and confident."

These phrases help the reader to have a feeling of the admosphere of the event.

The repoerter also uses small qoutes that people said during the converence, although I notice he never uses long sentecnes as quotes and there are actually not a lot of those small quotes, compared to other stories I have read.

I think the reason for this is that the reader want to have main idea of what happened in the conference. They dont want to read the whole speech.

Highway Tunnel In Japan

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A highway tunnel collapsed on Sunday in eastern Japan were three vehicles were crushed under the concrete that fell from the ceiling. rerpoted the New York Times.

The tunnel was a three-miled highway in Sasago about 50 miles west of Tokyo, repoerted the New York Times.

"I could hear voices of people calling for help, but the fire was just too strong," said a woman interviewed by public broadcaster NHK after she had escaped from the tunnel, repoerted L.A Times.

L.A Times repoerted that there were five people who died in a car, and some others are missing, but so far they can not confirm the number of the victims.

Kansas Football

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Kansas City linebacker Jovan Balcher cmmitted a suicide after killing her girlfriend at their place, repoerted EuroSport.

After the homicide, Balcher drove to the team's practice facility and shot himself in the parking lot while head coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli watched, reported Toronto Sun.

Balcher mother witness his sun shooting his girlfried after having an argumen. The couple had a 3-month-old daughter, repoerted the Toronto Sun.

When the police saw Balcher in the football facility he shot himself, repoerted EuroSport.

According to EuroSport, Belcher was signed by Kansas in 2009 after he was overlooked in the NFL draft and earlier this year, he signed a one-year contract worth under $2 million.

Gophers Volleyball

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The Gophers are Seeded eighth in the NCAA tournament, and will play the first round against Liberty this coming weekend at the Sports Pavillion, reported the StarTribune.

The Minnesota Daily reported, the Gophers have a 24-7 overall record, while Liberty is 25-7. Minnesota head coach Hugh McCutcheon said he does not have a lot of information about Liberty's team, but his team is prepared.

Gophers opposite hitter Katherine Harms and middle blocker Tori Dixon were selected as part as the All-Big Ten team during the middle of the season, while Daly Santana is seventh in the national rankings in aces per set with 0.49, reported the StarTribune

"I believe in this group. I think we can go far," McCutcheon said to the Minnesota Daily. "It doesn't mean we'll win."

Gophers Hockey

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After sweeping at Vermont, the Gophers return home, where they're 5-0-1, reported the StarTribune.

Now the Gophers will face Nebraska-Omaha for the last time in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association this weekend at Mariucci Arena, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The Gophers are one of the three teams in the nation that are rank in the top 10 in power play along with Boston College and Union, reported the StarTribune.

On the other hand, Omaha who joined the WCHA in 2010, will transfer to the National Collegiate Hockey Conference next year, reported Minnesota Daily.

It will be an interesting game for the Gophers this weekend since the Mavericks swept the Gophers two years ago at Mariucci Arena, reported the StarTribune.

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