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I compared the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. They are both well-known newspapers.

It looks like the New York Times publishes different stories almost every minute. Sometimes the news they publish is still in progress and the writer only writes one paragraph about it, which in my opinion leaves the reader without enough information about what is happening.

On the other hand, Los Angeles Times also publishes stories very often, but they wait until they have more information than just a paragraph or a lead. Although the New York Times might have more stories I think Los Angeles Times does a better job in publishing what they have.

Finally, I didn't notice much difference in the way the reporters write in each newspaper. Actually both newspapers have a very similar type of writing that they all write exactly the same. They use the martini glass technique I have been taught in class.

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Good for you -- you are doing a good job keeping up with the blog. Nice work.

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