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Starting quarterback MarQueis Gray was wearing a boot on his left leg at Tuesday practice, reported the SarTribune. Coach Kill told the StarTribune that, "[Marquis] is about like where he was in the off week." In other words he is injured to play.

The Gophers are worried about three other players besides Grey: Devin Crawford-Tufts, Isaac Fruechte and Marcus Jones, all of whom have varying degrees of leg injuries, reported the StarTibune.

Although, offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover seems somehow more positive about the situation, reported the StarTribune.

Matt Limegrover said to the StarTribune: "That's the beautiful thing about this being Tuesday -- there's a lot of time. They're banged up a little bit, but I don't anticipate it's anything that will prohibit [them] on Saturday from playing."

On the other hand, it hasn't been the best season for the Gophers so far, reported Minnesota Daily. The Gophers have allowed more than 180 yards in each of the past two games.

Minnesota linebacker Mike Rallis said to the Minnesota Daily "poor execution is the root of the run defense's problems."

Finally while the injuries and games are the main concern for the Gophers. The StarTribune reported that coach kills health

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