Minnesota vs. Perdue

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Freshmen Philip Nelson safe the Gophers from being beaten by the Perdue Boilermakers, reported the StarTribune.

Nelson had an amazing first-half passing statistics, he completed 15 of 17 passes for 246 yards and three touchdowns. This Minnesotan, finished 15-for-22, reported the StarTribune.

The Gophers, who lost their first three Big Ten games. Showed this Saturday that they are capable of beating some of the top teams in the conference, reported Minnesota Daily.

Nelson said to the Minnesota Daily "We noticed that Purdue, their corners would like to bite on some short-game stuff" "We put in some double-routes and we caught them jumping early."

Nelson also credited his teammates after the victory, reported the StarTribune. "It's a team game, and everybody did their job today and that makes me look good, but all credit to them. The offensive line did a tremendous job again. The receivers executed their routes perfectly."

The Minnesota Daily reported the Gophers next game will be against University of Michigan. The Gophers haven't beat the Michigan since 2005.

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