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Gophers Volleyball

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The Gophers are Seeded eighth in the NCAA tournament, and will play the first round against Liberty this coming weekend at the Sports Pavillion, reported the StarTribune.

The Minnesota Daily reported, the Gophers have a 24-7 overall record, while Liberty is 25-7. Minnesota head coach Hugh McCutcheon said he does not have a lot of information about Liberty's team, but his team is prepared.

Gophers opposite hitter Katherine Harms and middle blocker Tori Dixon were selected as part as the All-Big Ten team during the middle of the season, while Daly Santana is seventh in the national rankings in aces per set with 0.49, reported the StarTribune

"I believe in this group. I think we can go far," McCutcheon said to the Minnesota Daily. "It doesn't mean we'll win."

Gophers Hockey

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After sweeping at Vermont, the Gophers return home, where they're 5-0-1, reported the StarTribune.

Now the Gophers will face Nebraska-Omaha for the last time in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association this weekend at Mariucci Arena, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The Gophers are one of the three teams in the nation that are rank in the top 10 in power play along with Boston College and Union, reported the StarTribune.

On the other hand, Omaha who joined the WCHA in 2010, will transfer to the National Collegiate Hockey Conference next year, reported Minnesota Daily.

It will be an interesting game for the Gophers this weekend since the Mavericks swept the Gophers two years ago at Mariucci Arena, reported the StarTribune.


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This story talks about how Egyptians being violent because of their soccer teams. It is really surprising to read this because in Egypt soccer is not a big sport like in other parts of the world like Europe and south America. However soccer fans are protesting all over the street. The top two teams are fighting against each other. however there is one team call the Utras that does not know why are they protesting for, but they know what they are fighting against.

the main sources that the reporter uses are the fans of both of the teams and some of the people who organize the soccer tournaments in Europe.


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A week after Sandy, New Jersey Gen. Eric Schneiderman warned the state business owners to not increase the prices of their products, reported the L.A Times.

Some of the reasons are that New Jersey, New York and Connecticut are expected to need tens of billions of dollars to reconstructed what the storm destroyed, and this increased will affect new yorkers affected by Sandy even more, reported the New York Times.

"Our office has zero tolerance for price-gouging and we are taking action to send a message that ripping off New Yorkers is against the law," Schneiderman said to the L.A Times.

The New York Times reported the city has been showing some improvement, but there are also still very vivid signs that more work needs to be done, and donations will be always welcome to help the people who were affected by Sandy.

A.J Barker

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Gophers wide receiver A.J. Barker said he's quitting the team in an open letter posted in his Tumblr account Sunday afternoon, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Baker who was a walk-on in the team wrote: "Well, its official. I am done playing football for the University of Minnesota and I will be looking to transfer next season for my final yr,"reported the Pioneer Press.

In the letter, addressed to Coach Kill, Barker accused him of a long list of manipulation tactics, including lying and intimidation, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The Pioneer Press reported the Gophers athletics said they were looking into the situation. However, Coach Kill did not mention anything about the letter on his Sunday interview.


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Israel is suffering the consequences of war. Gaza Strip was bombarded with five bombs last Saturday, reported the New York Times.

The attack was one day after the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, hosted his Egyptian counterpart in one of the buildings that was affected by the explosions, reported the New York Times.

This war problems are also in southern Israel. The Guardian reported, people are also living in fear, by never knowing when I bomb can exploited next to their house.

"Everybody is afraid of what's next," said to the New York Times Mkhaimar Abusada, a political science professor at a university in Cairo who was affected by the attacks on Saturday.

The Guardian reported, people in Israel are beginning to feel like rats in a cage because the country is in a continuous war and they don't have a place to protect themselves from the attacks.

Gophers Update

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Gophers offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover is not worried about playing Donnell Kirkwood, repoerted the Pioneer Press.

The Gophers' offense was not explosive against Illinois but. it was strong and powerful, thanks to Kirkwood, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Kirkwood is very exited for qualifying for his first bowl game. "The seniors deserve it. The team deserves it," Kirkwood said to the Minnesota daily. "Now we know that all the hard work we've done has paid off."

After the game against Illinios Coach Kill, looked happy about the team outcome, but he said his team has to work and harder to get ready for the last two games of the season against Nebraska and Michigan State, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Big Ten Player of the Week

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After winning the Best Buy Classic title over the weekend, junior Micaella Riche was named Big Ten player of the week, reported the Pioneer Press.

Head coach Pam Borton said to the Minnesota Daily that Richie showed a lot of effort in both games. She contributed with 29 points and 14 rebounds.

"My teammates did a great job getting me the ball," Riche said to the Daily. "I trust my teammates on that they're going to get me the ball ... so working hard is definitely worth it."

Riche, averaged 5.8 points and 4.2 rebounds a game during her sophomore year. Now as a junior Richie is the first Minnesota women's player to get the Big Ten player of the week since Rachel Banham on Jan. 9, repoerted the Pioneer Press


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The story I picked was written by the StarTibune. It talks about one of the worst weeks Wall Street has face during the 2012.

The reporter used the number as percent and points that the industrial average has fell in Wall Street. On this story the reporter also used the numbers to describe a certain amount of money and exact dates in which those prices have dropped.

In my opinion, the way the reporter presents the numbers is not over whelming or difficult to understand. In contrast he is very organize and careful. Every time he gives a number he explains what they mean and why are they important.

The reporter does not use any math to present their numbers. In my opinion, is not appropriate to make readers do math to be able to understand what reporters are trying to explain with words. The reporter does a good job avoiding those problems.

There three main sources used by the reporter were the spokesperson from Obama, the University of Michigan and the Dow Jones Industrial average.

Bowl Game

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The Gophers achieve their goal, according to the StarTribune, they are going to the game bowl this year.

This time the destination isn't the important thing, but as tailback Donnell Kirkwood said, "It shows that we're getting better," reported the StarTribune.

It was not an easy game against Illinios, reported Minnesota Daily. Illinois had a chance to tie the game towards the middle of fourth quarter, but Illinois player, Scheelhaase fumbled in his own territory while trying to stretch out for a first down, and the Gophers recovered the ball.

The Gophers still have two games left and something to improve is their offense, since against Illinois both offenses struggled to move the ball consistently, reported the Minnesota Daily.


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Apparently the Gophers men's basketball team, is over with their roller coaster off-season, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Mbakwe seemed full of energy during their last exhibition game. Coach Smith said, "I think he's [Mbakwe] back," "I thought he looked good out there I thought he played extremely well and he didn't seem to be playing with any hesitancy." Reported the StarTibune.

Although Mbakwe is feeling better he has some personal goals this year. "My goal is to get back to my old form, a guy who you can expect to get a double-double on a nightly basis," said six-year senior to the Minnesota Daily.

Although the Gophers have depth up front, Junior Austin Hollins said to the StarTribune Minnesota will still play small and look to run the court like they did towards the end of last season.

Gophers Football

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According to Minnesota Daily, Gophers Head coach Jerry Kill didn't say it, but Saturday's game against Illinois can be one of the most important game of the whole season.
On the other hand, Illinois has been having a terrible season, but their fans still show up for tailgating, reported StarTribune.

Illinois has lost 11-straight Big Ten games including the ones from last season. Plus a 27-7 loss to Minnesota, reported the Minnesota Daily.

In what is suppose to be a sunny day, the Gophers will be wearing their gold pants for the first time on the road and the traditional white jerseys while Illinois will wear orange jerseys and white pants, reported StarTribune.

Coach Kill said to the Minnesota Daily the plan to beat Illinois was mainly to "keep the quarterback inside the pocket and not let him get outside and run around"


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The New York Times and The Guardian posted a video describing chaos and horror in Afghanistan.

The New York Times reported that Mullah Khamal Adin, 39, said on the video "Their brains were still on the pillows," trying to describe the 11 members of his cousin's family; most of the bodies were found burned in a pile inside a room.

The Guardian reported that in the video Khamal was asked how close the gunman was to him when he was shot, pointing at a water bottle on the table he said, "He was as close as this bottle."

Khamal was asked if he could say if he saw the bodies, to which he answered: "Yes. I have seen each individual and took them out by myself." After that he was asked to describe the injuries they had, to what he answered: "Everybody was shot on the head." Reported the Guardian

Health Care Law

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Former President Obama victory promises that his landmark healthcare law and its guarantee of insurance for Americans will be applied effectively during this coming years, reported the New York Times.

The L.A Times reported that many Obama supporters fell his ideas have to make some impact and step up efforts to promote and explain the law to a public that remains confuse about it.

The L.A Times, reported, Jeff Goldsmith, a health industry analyst based in Virginia said, "There is still a tremendous amount of disinformation out there."

According to the New York Times, Obama will face new type of pressure to try to scale back the law as Congress tries to rein in federal budget deficits.

This act will authorize more than $1 trillion in new federal spending over the next decade and the money will come from taxes and other spending cuts., reported the New York Times.


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I looked at a news that CNN posted in September 2012, about the death of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. He was the person who transformed the New York Times into one of the most important newspapers in the world.

I notice the way this story was reported is different from other types of stories.

First of all, the sources the writes used are important people for society like celebrities and political figures. Instead of family members or relatives.

Second of all, the story is always telling the important things this person did during his life. The writer does not focus on his death, but instead he focuses on what he did while he was alive.

Finally, the lead refers to the the most important thing this person did during his career and the age when he died.

It is impressive to notice all these details when analyzing an obituary news.


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Steve Nash will be out another week after having a small fracture on his left leg, reported Fox Sports.

Nash who got hurt in a accident with Portland Trailblazer Damian Lillard on Wednesday night, reported Fox Sports.

According to a statement release by the team, the L.A Times reported "small non-displaced fracture in the head of his fibula."

Nash missed already the Lakers' 105-95 loss against the Clippers on Friday night, reported Fox Sports.

Nash is going to be out for the games against the Detroit Pistons, Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors Golden., reported L.A Times.

Sergei Udalsov

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Sergei Udaltsov is no a stranger of being arrest. In December of 2011, the day of the Russian presidential elections he was arrested for organizing protests against Vladimir Putin, reported The Atlantic.

Wednesday night Udaltsov was arrested again because apparently he had some colleges trying to organize more disturbances in the country, reported L.A Times

After the interrogation, Udaltsov called such accusations "political vengeance of the Kremlin" he also called the NTV film "a dirty and cheap manipulation." Reported L.A Times.

The Atlantic reported the last week; Udaltsov had a meeting with the politician Givi Targamadze to discuss a plot to provoke more disturbances, reported The Atlantic.

Furthermore, the L.A Times reported that the investigative committee is preparing to send to court a case against 17 opposition activists.


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New York is trying to get back to normal after a weekend full of contrasts, reported the New York Times.

Tourist started to visit the city parks that reopened Saturday morning, while people who had been affected by the storm said help was not coming fast, reported the New York Times.

Saturday morning, about 5,800 residents of Manhattan woke up without electricity, reported L.A Times.

"It's easy to sleep, actually," said Ted Orosz a Manhattan resident to L.A Times. "No planes, no sounds. The only disruption at night is the sound of generators."

An official said to the New York Times that they were trying to get as much help as they could but "One of the problems is that when you have lots of different agencies, it takes a while for them to get coordinated," said the official to the New York Times.

Michigan vs Minnesota

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Minnesota and Michigan usually play for the Little Brown Jug trophy that is why it is consider as one of the Big Ten rivalries. The problem is that the Gophers have only won three times in the last 40 games, reported the StarTribune.

Oct. 1, 2011 was an embarrassing day for the Gophers football team when they lost 58-0 to University of Michigan, reported the Minnesota Daily.

"Everybody who went to Michigan last year knows how we felt coming back," reported Minnesota safety Brock Vereen to the Minnesota Daily.

This Saturday is supposed to be an important game for both teams. On one side The Wolverines say they want "the jug". But on the other side if by winning this game the Gophers can become eligible for a bowl game, reported the StarTibune.

Gophers Basketball

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Gopher's women's basketball team beat Concordia-St. Paul university, 76-49 Wednesday night at William Arena, reported the StarTribune.

Gophers guard Rachel Banham scored 22 points over the night, repoerted the StarTribune.

However, after the game, Banham said to the Minnesota Daily she's still not back to full speed.

Redshirt freshman Kayla Hirt made her first collegiate debut that night. Hirt miss all the 2011- 2012 season because of a knee injury, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Hirt finished with 10 points and five rebounds, reported Minnesota Daily.

"It was good for her to get as much time and as many minutes as she could," Gophers Coach Pam Borton said to the Minnesota Daily.

This was the fifth time the Gophers meet Concordia, an NCAA Division II, reported the StarTribune.

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