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The story I picked was written by the StarTibune. It talks about one of the worst weeks Wall Street has face during the 2012.

The reporter used the number as percent and points that the industrial average has fell in Wall Street. On this story the reporter also used the numbers to describe a certain amount of money and exact dates in which those prices have dropped.

In my opinion, the way the reporter presents the numbers is not over whelming or difficult to understand. In contrast he is very organize and careful. Every time he gives a number he explains what they mean and why are they important.

The reporter does not use any math to present their numbers. In my opinion, is not appropriate to make readers do math to be able to understand what reporters are trying to explain with words. The reporter does a good job avoiding those problems.

There three main sources used by the reporter were the spokesperson from Obama, the University of Michigan and the Dow Jones Industrial average.

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