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Apparently the Gophers men's basketball team, is over with their roller coaster off-season, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Mbakwe seemed full of energy during their last exhibition game. Coach Smith said, "I think he's [Mbakwe] back," "I thought he looked good out there I thought he played extremely well and he didn't seem to be playing with any hesitancy." Reported the StarTibune.

Although Mbakwe is feeling better he has some personal goals this year. "My goal is to get back to my old form, a guy who you can expect to get a double-double on a nightly basis," said six-year senior to the Minnesota Daily.

Although the Gophers have depth up front, Junior Austin Hollins said to the StarTribune Minnesota will still play small and look to run the court like they did towards the end of last season.

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