Sergei Udalsov

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Sergei Udaltsov is no a stranger of being arrest. In December of 2011, the day of the Russian presidential elections he was arrested for organizing protests against Vladimir Putin, reported The Atlantic.

Wednesday night Udaltsov was arrested again because apparently he had some colleges trying to organize more disturbances in the country, reported L.A Times

After the interrogation, Udaltsov called such accusations "political vengeance of the Kremlin" he also called the NTV film "a dirty and cheap manipulation." Reported L.A Times.

The Atlantic reported the last week; Udaltsov had a meeting with the politician Givi Targamadze to discuss a plot to provoke more disturbances, reported The Atlantic.

Furthermore, the L.A Times reported that the investigative committee is preparing to send to court a case against 17 opposition activists.

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