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Hugo Chavez

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Hugo Chavez arrives back to Caracas after being 11-days in Cuba receiving a post cancer treatment, reported The Guardian.

Chavez traveled to Cuba Nov. 27. This Friday was the first time he appears on public media since Nov.15, reported Fox News.

His appearance on TV was this morning in a news program on state-run TV, which showed him joking and catching up with members of his cabinet, reported The Guardian.

"What time is it? 3am? This is the perfect hour to go party. Where is the party, then?" Chavez said in the morning program, reported The Guardian.

Chavez did not given details recently about the oxygen treatment he had in Cuba and so far he has not give any detail about the type of cancer or where the tumors are/were located, reported Fox News

Highway Tunnel In Japan

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A highway tunnel collapsed on Sunday in eastern Japan were three vehicles were crushed under the concrete that fell from the ceiling. rerpoted the New York Times.

The tunnel was a three-miled highway in Sasago about 50 miles west of Tokyo, repoerted the New York Times.

"I could hear voices of people calling for help, but the fire was just too strong," said a woman interviewed by public broadcaster NHK after she had escaped from the tunnel, repoerted L.A Times.

L.A Times repoerted that there were five people who died in a car, and some others are missing, but so far they can not confirm the number of the victims.


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Israel is suffering the consequences of war. Gaza Strip was bombarded with five bombs last Saturday, reported the New York Times.

The attack was one day after the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, hosted his Egyptian counterpart in one of the buildings that was affected by the explosions, reported the New York Times.

This war problems are also in southern Israel. The Guardian reported, people are also living in fear, by never knowing when I bomb can exploited next to their house.

"Everybody is afraid of what's next," said to the New York Times Mkhaimar Abusada, a political science professor at a university in Cairo who was affected by the attacks on Saturday.

The Guardian reported, people in Israel are beginning to feel like rats in a cage because the country is in a continuous war and they don't have a place to protect themselves from the attacks.


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The New York Times and The Guardian posted a video describing chaos and horror in Afghanistan.

The New York Times reported that Mullah Khamal Adin, 39, said on the video "Their brains were still on the pillows," trying to describe the 11 members of his cousin's family; most of the bodies were found burned in a pile inside a room.

The Guardian reported that in the video Khamal was asked how close the gunman was to him when he was shot, pointing at a water bottle on the table he said, "He was as close as this bottle."

Khamal was asked if he could say if he saw the bodies, to which he answered: "Yes. I have seen each individual and took them out by myself." After that he was asked to describe the injuries they had, to what he answered: "Everybody was shot on the head." Reported the Guardian

Sergei Udalsov

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Sergei Udaltsov is no a stranger of being arrest. In December of 2011, the day of the Russian presidential elections he was arrested for organizing protests against Vladimir Putin, reported The Atlantic.

Wednesday night Udaltsov was arrested again because apparently he had some colleges trying to organize more disturbances in the country, reported L.A Times

After the interrogation, Udaltsov called such accusations "political vengeance of the Kremlin" he also called the NTV film "a dirty and cheap manipulation." Reported L.A Times.

The Atlantic reported the last week; Udaltsov had a meeting with the politician Givi Targamadze to discuss a plot to provoke more disturbances, reported The Atlantic.

Furthermore, the L.A Times reported that the investigative committee is preparing to send to court a case against 17 opposition activists.

Silvio Berlusconi

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Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 76, was sentence to four years in prison because of tax fraud, reported Latimes.

According to Latimes, Berlusconi will certainly appeal. Sarah Delaney and Henry Chu reported that he is not expected to go to prison any time soon.

The Guardian Newspaper reported that Berlusconi was also excluded from public office for five years, he also ordered to pay €10m (£8.3m) to the Italian tax office. These measures will surely have some effect in his conviction that is advocated by two appeals.

This is not the first time that this type of thing happens to Berlusconi. He has gone over three convictions for financial crimes, and has faced 33 trials, reported the Guardian Newspaper.

Former Primer Minister doesn't look very happy with the decision the judges have made. He said there was "a lot of proof of my innocence" however the judges haven't taken it into a count because they "use the judicial system for political purposes," Berlusconi told the Latimes.

The trial is expected to end this year. However Berlusconi's lawyer Niccolò Ghedini described the process as "absolutely incredible, " reported the Guardian Newspaper.

Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro made his first public appearance in months, reported the nydailynews. With this appearance, his oppose couldn't confirm the rumor that said that Castro was dead. Cuban ex-president met with former Venezuelan vice president Elias Jaua, reported the nydailynews.

Jaua confirmed that Castro who is currently 86-years-old, attended him to the Hotel Nacional after their meeting Saturday, in which they talked about different topics like politics, history, culture and tourism, reported the Guardian.

Venezuelan Vice-President said to the Guardian newspaper, "[Castro] had the courtesy of bringing me to the hotel."

Castros health has been a constant speculation for years. Catsro has not appeared in public since March, when he was shown greeting visiting Pope Benedict XVI, reported the Guardian.

The nydailynews reported that the Commercial Director of the Hotel Nacional in Cuba said," Fidel Castro was here yesterday, he brought a guest and spoke to workers and hotel leaders for 30 minutes," "They told me he looked very good."

Hugo Chavez Vice- President

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Recently re-elected president from Venezuela Hugo Chavez, select as his Vice President a former bus driver Nicolas Maduro, reported BBC News

However, it was not a surprise for Venezuela since Chavez has been giving Maduro his loyalty and experience since he became his foreign minister in 2006, reported The Guardian.

Chavez joked with The Guardian by saying "I don't recommend anyone for the vice-president's job." "Putting up with me is not easy!"

Maduro who has a working-class background gives him more appeal than other officials among Chávez's supporters. He was elected to parliament in 2000, and his combative defense of Chávez's socialism made him a favored protege, reported BBC News

This is an important decision for Venezuela's´ future since if the president is unable to continue in office during the first four years of his mandate, Maduro will be assuming the post until the new elections are held within 30 days; also If the president is incapacitated in the final two years in office, the vice-president serves out the remainder of the term, reported the BBC News.

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