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U.S Employment

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The unemployment rate in U.S has fallen to 7.7% and its lowest level in the last four years, reported The Guardian.

People thought it was because of hurricane Sandy's. But its effect on the figures was much smaller many analysts had predicted, reported Recordline.

The hurricane did had a impact on the economy since the weather prevented 369,000 people from getting to work. This was the most for any month in almost two years, reported Recordline.

Finally, in this past month retail sector added 53,000 jobs as the holiday season started. But manufacturers did not have the best luck since they cut 7,000 positions, reported The Guardian

Kansas Football

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Kansas City linebacker Jovan Balcher cmmitted a suicide after killing her girlfriend at their place, repoerted EuroSport.

After the homicide, Balcher drove to the team's practice facility and shot himself in the parking lot while head coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli watched, reported Toronto Sun.

Balcher mother witness his sun shooting his girlfried after having an argumen. The couple had a 3-month-old daughter, repoerted the Toronto Sun.

When the police saw Balcher in the football facility he shot himself, repoerted EuroSport.

According to EuroSport, Belcher was signed by Kansas in 2009 after he was overlooked in the NFL draft and earlier this year, he signed a one-year contract worth under $2 million.


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A week after Sandy, New Jersey Gen. Eric Schneiderman warned the state business owners to not increase the prices of their products, reported the L.A Times.

Some of the reasons are that New Jersey, New York and Connecticut are expected to need tens of billions of dollars to reconstructed what the storm destroyed, and this increased will affect new yorkers affected by Sandy even more, reported the New York Times.

"Our office has zero tolerance for price-gouging and we are taking action to send a message that ripping off New Yorkers is against the law," Schneiderman said to the L.A Times.

The New York Times reported the city has been showing some improvement, but there are also still very vivid signs that more work needs to be done, and donations will be always welcome to help the people who were affected by Sandy.

Health Care Law

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Former President Obama victory promises that his landmark healthcare law and its guarantee of insurance for Americans will be applied effectively during this coming years, reported the New York Times.

The L.A Times reported that many Obama supporters fell his ideas have to make some impact and step up efforts to promote and explain the law to a public that remains confuse about it.

The L.A Times, reported, Jeff Goldsmith, a health industry analyst based in Virginia said, "There is still a tremendous amount of disinformation out there."

According to the New York Times, Obama will face new type of pressure to try to scale back the law as Congress tries to rein in federal budget deficits.

This act will authorize more than $1 trillion in new federal spending over the next decade and the money will come from taxes and other spending cuts., reported the New York Times.


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New York is trying to get back to normal after a weekend full of contrasts, reported the New York Times.

Tourist started to visit the city parks that reopened Saturday morning, while people who had been affected by the storm said help was not coming fast, reported the New York Times.

Saturday morning, about 5,800 residents of Manhattan woke up without electricity, reported L.A Times.

"It's easy to sleep, actually," said Ted Orosz a Manhattan resident to L.A Times. "No planes, no sounds. The only disruption at night is the sound of generators."

An official said to the New York Times that they were trying to get as much help as they could but "One of the problems is that when you have lots of different agencies, it takes a while for them to get coordinated," said the official to the New York Times.

Lil Wayne

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Lil Waye was release from the hospital after suffering what at first was thought as a seizure-like incident, reported the usmagazine.

The rapper also thanked his fans that were praying fro him while he was in the hospital with a severe migraine and dehydration, reported the StarTribune.

According to the usmagazine, 30- year-old rapper was hospitalized Oct. 25 in Texas.

The StarTribune reported that Wayne tweeted he was feeling "good," said Wayne and "thankx for all the prayers!"

The rapper is currently working on a follow-up to his last album, "Tha Carter IV," call I Am Not a Human Being II, reported the StarTribune and the usmagazine.

Detroit Vs Yankees

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According to Fox News the Detroit Tigers' dominated the New York Yankees' and finished off a four-game sweep with an 8-1 victory this Thursday at Comerica Park.

The tigers are going to the World Series for the first time since 2006, reported Fox News.

The Tigers have five days off before the World Series starts this coming Wednesday, reported CBS News. They will play the defending champion St. Louis or 2010 winner San Francisco.

On the other hand, after scoring in just three of 39 innings during the series, New York heads home to figure out what their future is going to be, reported CBS News.
According to CBS News the $275 million third baseman, Alex Rodriguez was out of the starting lineup for the third time in the playoffs.

During the game, the Yankees could only score runs while batting a weak .157 (22-for-140) over the four games, reported Fox News. The Yankees had also had a 36 straight series in the playoffs without being swept.

The Tigers had a good start after a rainout Wednesday, reported CBS News. Under a sunny sky, Detroit immediately took the lead on Delmon Young's RBI single. STATS reported to CBS News that Young became the first player with four game-winning RBIs in one postseason.

Detroit, hasn't win a World Series title since 1984, reported Fox News. They lost to Texas in last year's ALCS. However, according to Fox News their post season has been amazing.


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Alzheimer is a mental disease that has affected millions of people in the entire world. However, three different types of drugs are going to be tested and try to prevent the disease in people who are unlucky to get it, reporlzheimers-prevention-studies-to-test-three-drugs.html?ref=us">The New York Times reported.

This test is planned to begin next year, and the goal is to be able to intervene early enough so people who have this disease might be prevented.

The study will include 160 patients who are more susceptible to develop Alzheimer at an early age, CBS NEWS reported.

Even though the majority of people who develop the disease are older than 65, 5 percent of patients will have early symptoms of the disease that will begin during their 40s or 50s, CBS NEWS reported.

There is a big rush on trying to find the cure for Alzheimer since not drugs have been developed in nine years. Last type of drug did not show any improvement or delay any cognitive decline or functional performance in patients with mild-to-moderate forms of the disease.

The New York Times reported, the announcement comes at a time of transition for Alzheimer's research. Lately there has been a lot of research about this disease and investors have discovered some ways to track the progression of Alzheimer before clinical symptoms appear by using brain scans and spinal taps. They have led to what many think is the start of a new era in which drugs can be assessed without waiting for effects on profound symptoms.

According to Ginka Kolata from The New York Times, Dr. Paul Aisen, an Alzheimer's researcher at the University of California, San Diego, said, "This is the best news we've had in a decade."

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