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Our impact

Today's questions:
For what would you like our College to be known? When our graduates go forth into the world, what do you hope they bring with them from their CEHD experience?


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In response to the question about something we hope our student take with them from their experience in CEHD would be a sense of accomplishment through collaboration. I would hope that students would acknowledge that the did not complete this journey alone. Hopefully through that acknowledgement, they would feel a sense of obligation to give back in some way. Hopefully they will feel compelled to reach back and assist in some way to help someone else obtain their goals.

I'd like the College to be known for its cutting edge research, for its creativity in helping people and organizations solve problems, for providing a quality education for its students, for contributing to the betterment of society through our work and our graduates. Also, we should be known for providing a top notch education that fits with an aspiring-to-be top 3 public research institution in the world. As our students enter the workforce they should bring with them inquisitive minds, an eagerness to help society, a proud tradition, the thirst for knowledge, pride in their department, College, and the U of M. I would also hope that in due time they will want to pay it forward and give back to the college their volunteer time (to help students) and, yes, their money too (for scholarships, etc.).

I'd like CEHD to be known as an important national leader in diversity, that here at CEHD students, staff, and faculty fully embrace everything inherent in what we mean by diversity (this would fit under the "multicultural" category of the 3Ms). The CEHD has far to go to get there. For example, all the buldings that include CEHD are not trans friendly, that is, we have no unisex bathrooms that anyone who is transgender identified can use. Like most of the U of M system, CEHD is behind the times in being a GLBT friendly environment. Making sure that the facilities of CEHD are trans friendly would go far in establishing CEHD as leader in diversity issues.

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