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Our strengths

There are important conversations happening here, and we've been sharing your input with Little & Co. We appreciate your feedback, and still have a lot of questions for you! We'll be posting often with a series of questions that we'd like you to think about and respond to.

Today's questions:
What are our strengths? What does the College contribute to the University and to the community that other colleges do not? What do we do especially well?


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What are our strengths?
I'm not sure. As an applied discipline, having a cycle of theory to practice and back to theory to influence practice. We have an aim for continous improvement.

What does the College contribute to the University and to the community that other colleges do not?
I think what is important is not what is unique about the college, but what is complementary to communities and the University. I think what you're getting at here is as a partner, what does CEHD bring to the table. However, a deficit model of what CEHD brings that other colleges or communities don't have doesn't work for me. What matters most is the relationship between the communities and colleges. I don't think what CEHD brings to the table is very static. It's also difficult to extend ideas to the college when most people tend to associate most within departments.

What do we do especially well?
A philosophy and aim for application to practice / authentic learning.

From my "first impressions," I have experienced an environment that is forward-thinking and open to new possibilities. Members of the College seem hopeful about a future of engaged relationships throughout the College, across the University, and into local and global communities.

Our strengths are our people--the richness, breadth and depth of scholarship of our faculty, the talent, pride and commitment of staff, the amazing qualities of the students who come to study here. What makes us stand out in the University and community? It could be our many disciplines under one collective, enabling us and encouraging us to be collaborative without great effort.

Each department might answer "what do we do well?" differently and they would all be right. It makes your charge to develop a common identity exceptionally challenging.

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