A few words about our College


You've heard the new College's M3 vision: multidisciplinary, multicultural, model for engagement. What are two or three other words or short phrases you would use to describe the College, either as it is now or how you would like it to be in the future?


Enhancing knowledge and wellness; interpersonal and community connectivity.

Educating students to educate the world

Anitra, I really like that.

Something clean, to the point, and catchy is very important. It allows people to remember the college with a clear idea of what it represents.

Clean and to the point is something academia struggles with, but it would help people keep the college in mind long enough to delve deeper, and really see the abundance of expertise the college has to offer.

Some additional phrases / words to link with CEHD:

Teaching and learning across the life cycle

Multiple ways of knowing

Teaching, learning, and living for social justice


Integration of professional wisdom; research, inquiry, and reflection; and authentic practice

I would like there to be a college wide initiative to identify and replicate successful programs. This would involve finding programs who are doing things well, having an outcome evaluation that shows that the programs are working and then to have a team headed by faculty to do interviews, observations, and document analysis to to document how the program works, showing the conditions and processes that are associated with desired outcomes and the conditions and processes associated with undesirable outcomes. I am working on a set of procedures for doing this.

Jane Gilgun

Whatever we choose, I think it needs to be as expansive, pithy, and transparent as the old CEHD slogan: learn, teach, lead. (admittedly, this old slogan is NOT expansive enough for the new College).

A brief phrase that encompasses much of what is done in all aspects of the College is "Helping people grow." A pithier version would be "Growing People." A version that is probably way too cute but that unfolds the ambiguity of the two-worder to more explicitly indicate that CEHD faculty and staff are also in process would be "Growing People Growing People."

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