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How we are perceived

How is the new College of Education and Human Development viewed by other colleges here at the University of Minnesota? What are we known for? How do we differ? What do we bring?


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World-class knowledge of child welfare, restorative justice, African American fatherhood, GLBT, and work with involuntary clients, to name a few.

We understand and are experts at how all the layered systems fit together and interact. Systems--family, work community, or international.

We fit the needs for medical, mental health, spiritual, housing...(basic needs), educational, vocational together in support and benefit of the whole of the person, family, work place, class-room, community and world.

When I tell colleagues at the University that my department (the Institute on Community Integration) is located in the College of Education and Human Development, the response is usually a thoughtful, "oh..." My sense is that we have a strong presence as a pedagogy college at the University, but not much is known about our work that falls under the "Human Development" umbrella. It's a challenge.

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