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M3 examples

Let's revisit our M3 vision once more - multidisciplinary, multicultural, model for engagement. What are some examples of how students, faculty, and staff in our college are putting these concepts into practice?


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When I think of multidisciplinary examples, I think of youth development leadership, the Minnesota interdisciplinary training in education research program, all the faculty who have connections with colleagues in neuroscience, rehabilitation science, public health, psychology, 4-H, and Extension. In the latest issue of This Week we see kudos to two authors from different departments who worked together: Martha Bigelow (curriculum and instruction) and Bob delMas (educational psychology). And those who came from General College seem to have connections almost everywhere at the University.

We have only to look at all the faculty projects that have won Multicultural Teaching and Learning Fellowship Grants (http://education.umn.edu/diversity/research.html) to find excellent examples of multicultural research. For examples of service and outreach I think of the African American Read In, the work Ernest Davenport does with ACT/SAT prep, Michael Goh's work with Hmong mental health counseling, and programs like City Songs, the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, and all the support ICI programs provide regarding community integration.

Model for engagement is harder for me to get my head around and come up with examples. We have been cultivating leaders before we became the new CEHD. I think the centennials of both CHE and the old CEHD celebrated alumni who could be such examples. And I was so impressed to learn about the number of GC faculty and staff who had won the H.T. Morse/Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education. Maybe these are examples, along with the CPS's Urban Leadership Academy.

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