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Our mark on the world

During our focus groups, one question that elicited especially thoughtful responses was the following:

"If our college and the work that it does went away, what would the world be missing?"

Of course, the College of Education and Human Development is not going anywhere; this is just another way to get us thinking about who we are. What do you think?


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This is a difficult question to ask of those whose colleges DID go away last year.

It is a difficult question considering what's happened the past few years, and the emotional time we all went through as employees in the Wave One colleges. But the idea behind the question is to bring out what this new college, and all of the areas within it, contribute to the world. It's a way to think about what we do and what we value.

What did you value about the colleges that were closed last year that you would like to see live on and flourish in this new college? If the work that were done by the various people in this college -- who came from three different colleges -- if that work and everything we do here were no longer done, what would the world be missing? (e.g., if we no longer created the types of partnerships that we do, conducted the research in the fields that we do, taught the types of graduates, made the types of connections we make, etc.)

I would like our mark on the world to be recomgnized through the graduates of our programs more than through the current faculty accomplishments or the current programmatic offerings we have. I like to think that through our graduates, we are contributing to the future. In essence, I hope we are contributing to the development of caring, creative, and courageous people whether they become teachers, counselors, administrators, professors, parents, or whatever professional role they assume. I think educating people who leave us with a sense of civic responsibility, a drive of intellectual curiosity, and commitment to their communities is something we can all strive for in our teaching, our service, and our research.

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