Would the NFL have banned Sterling If He Was a NFL Owner?

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Colton Stopperan

Richard Sherman's Remarks About Donald Sterling

Richard Sherman, Seatle Seahawk's CB who made headlines with his remarks after the NFC Championship game, made headlines again by stating the NFL and Roger Goodell would not have banned an owner for making racist comments like Donald Sterling did in the NBA. He says that the NFL is a bottom-line league and if something doesn't effect the NFL's bottom line, they're not concerned. He uses the example of the Washington Redskins saying the NFL already dropped the ball on racial sensitivity with the debate over D.C's mascot name and logo. Though in class, we have already discussed the debate over changing of the team name and I believe the consensus was they shouldn't have to. There certainly opposition from Native Americans about the nickname, but then there are Native Americans that are uncaring about the subject. I feel, the owners, management, players, and history, play more of a role representing a team then a simple nickname and logo. And when a owner of a well known popular team makes absurd racist comments in a predominately black league, something needs to happen. And that something is a ban. There is no room for that kind of racism and I believe the NFL would have noticed that and banned him as well. Especially since the remarks made national news, and the NFL is always so concerned about their image, especially now trying to gain popularity abroad. The NFL is constantly punishing they're players and staff about their off field habits and opinions, which now seem way less provocative than Donald Sterling's, so there is no doubt in my mind Roger Goodell would have done the same thing as NBA commissioner Adam Silver. There is too much publicity on the matter that the NFL could not just roll this one over.

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When I first saw this topic I thought about how the NFL works as opposed to the NBA. Because the reason that Silver believes the NBA can make him sell his team is the morality code that all owners sign when they buy a team. While the NFL isn't as predominantly black as the NBA is, it still would be a major issue because the NFL is the biggest thing in american sports. As far as sherman's comments I don't think I believe what he said. He is an opinionated person who is going to say what is on his mind, but sometimes I think he speaks without thinking. He calls the NFL a bottom-line league, but doesn't really make any claim that the NBA is different. Sports are a business now a days. It may tarnish how leagues operate a little but there is so much on the line that sports are first and foremost a business now. The NBA is a business as well and I don't believe they took the decision lightly. It's more than just about the bottom line. It has to do with public relations as well and the NFL and NBA both don't want someone like Sterling hurting their reputations.

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