Response to "Professional Stereotypes: Men vs Women"

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After reading your blog of stereotypes, I want to share a case about stereotypes to women.In fact, a growing number of professional women's success proves that this understanding is just prejudice. Especially with the advent of the new economic era, women have gained as much opportunity as men. In the famous IBM, the sheer number of female managers become a hot topic. In 1934, IBM's founder on equal pay for female staff made ​​a commitment from 1943 to appoint a vice-president of his first start, the special women in their wisdom and talent in this enterprise has played an integral effect. A female manager who once said: "have their own development plans, the manager will consider with you in your development IBM everyone, not because you are female, while the others differ." IBM headquarters and Asia-Pacific region have a special senior managers regularly surveys employees around there is no gender discrimination. I found this case is very impressive which shows that women can also do well in their jobs.

Response to Will Gay Marriage Destroy Our Society?

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I think the things in that article were written by someone who does not want change, and feels threatened by change. The oppression of homosexuality has been an issue for many years, but there has been a recent uproar questioning homosexuality. Many people are beginning to understand that gay people are people too. I really don't think other people's love affairs should be causing so much attention. Having our world focus on "traditions" and social inequalities, is nonsensical. I think that gay couples will provide another viewpoint to our society, leaving the option of adoption more open to the world. I am fairly certain that this social movement will be looked back at in a few years as something embarrassing. As a nation, we should be striving for unity, instead of shutting out members of our society.

The World Food Crisis

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Food crisis is going to be a big problem in the future. Nowadays, food has become the weak link is an unexpected way. We are entering a new era of rising food prices and spreading hunger. On the demand side of the food equation, population growth, rising affluence, and the conversion of food into fuel for cars are combining to raise consumption by record amounts. On the supply side, extreme soil erosion, growing water shortages, and the earth's rising temperature are making it more difficult to expand production. Unless we can reverse such trends, food prices will continue to rise and hunger will continue to spread, eventually bringing down our social system.

To solve the food crisis, field and agriculture are very important. According to the book "Enough: Why the World's Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty", The authors argue that public sentiment is in favor of increased support to feed the hungry, and social and political stability are increasingly under threat from those without sufficient resources to subsist. They present a range of options, from investment in infrastructure and new seed technologies to policy reforms relating to how national budgets are allocated and how trade regulations are drawn up. Africa is a particular target as it is seen as "the world's final frontier of agriculture" where yields are still low and modern agricultural practices are often non-existent. Coupled with a rapidly increasingly population, African farmers will be expected to double their production by 2030 in order to simply meet their own people's food demands. This will be no small feat, and it would require a coordinated, collaborative approach to see it through successfully.

Analyzing data from FAOSTAT and elsewhere that described the global food challenges we confront made me realize how much we take food for granted and how fragile our global food system could be.2050 and rapidly changing diets in developing countries to reach 9 billion of the world's population, we are due to increased demand for land for agriculture, the depletion of water, increased hunger, rising food prices and reduce the risk of losing large tracts of forest quality diet.

That's not thing better than "to cherish". No matter how powerful human are and how many technologies they can produce to save the food system, if we don't learn to cherish what we have, it is impossible to save the food system. Also, sharing is important, people in the developed country should help the people in the developing country.

Develop the whole child, socially and emotionally


On May 2nd, 2014 Chris Colemen wrote in the Star Tribune an article titiled by "Develop the whole child, socially and emotionally". Chris Coleman begins the article discussing when he was a young 17 year old boy his father gave him a graduation gift of a 21 day wilderness adventure with Minnesota Outward Bound. A year later Chris's father told Chris that he only had six months left to live and insisted that he continues with his life and job in Glacier National Park. These experiences Chris claimed, "..changed me forever. They helped me build "character," ...,the social-emotional skills of resiliency and self-worth." He thanks these experiences for who he has grown to be, and thanks them as he believes these are the experiences that helped him become the mayor of Saint Paul.
The article Chris writes is focused on how our cities are filled with children dealing with traumas and daily challenges from family mental illness, substance abuse, homeliness, and etc. These children in school are not being provided well enough to build the social skills, grit, perseverance they need to thrive and become successful adults. Chris is not alone in this thought of needing to fix our school curriculum. The University of Minnesota is hosting the Applied Research and Educational Improvements featuring researchers from Harvard to demonstrate how cities can improve the social and emotional development. He wraps up that this is not just a social and emotional issue either, as it is an economic must-do, as they are our future and these skills are crucial in the workplace.

I personally never thought about children in the school system not getting education about how to develop their social and emotional skills, but personally think it is something they can really improve children. I remember as a kid saying, "I'll never need to know how much ice cream I will need to put into my ice cream cone. Math is so stupid. I will just keep scooping until it is full". And after reading this article, I remember that one time in choir class were I was told by my teacher that my grandfathers cancer has led him into the intensive care unit and I just broke down and cried. My teacher held my hand and spoke to me and my situation and helped me emotionally collect myself and THAT was a something I took with me to future problems to get through.

Some questions I want to ask you guys is:
1. Do you feel it is the school's duty to teach kids to develop the social and emotional skills or is it even necessary?
2. Where should we learn our social and emotional skills?

Response to "Elder's retaking their drivers test"

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I believe that any person incapable of driving safely and adhering to traffic laws whether they are young or old, should be required to retake a driving test to ensure they will not be a danger to others on the road. Having a law in place like this is not intended to be discriminatory of a particular age group, but simply to make sure all drivers on the road have adequate coordination skills to functionally drive and avoid any possible accidents. I totally agree with the argument being made in the article in that elders should have to retake the driver's test at a certain age because more data shows that it's older people getting in to accidents and causing them. As baby boomers continue to age we will see a large increase in the number of older drivers on the road within the next few years. For the safety of everyone on the road, including themselves, elderly people need to retested to make sure they can drive and meet the physical/mental challenges involved. If they can't do that, then quite honestly they shouldn't be allowed to drive on the road and possibly injure other drivers.

Zuckerbergs Plan

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I believe that the Internet is becoming one of the most important resources in today's world. After all, I am constantly consuming it and utilizing it to the potential that I see it. I think the Internet is amazing, and I think that everyone should have the ability to tap into this resource. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the website Facebook truly believes in the power of the Internet--quite possibly more than anyone else. Mark not only believes that everyone should have access to the Internet, but that he can be the person to bring it to them. In an interview with Wired magazine, Mark laid out his goals, vision, and plan for what he wanted the internet to be like. A quote of his that I found very interesting was:" "The story of the next century is the transition from an industrial, resource-based economy, to a knowledge economy," Zuckerberg said. "You solve that by getting everyone online." What he is saying by this are the opportunities that this world have to offer are not necessarily fair. A person that has access to the Internet has a huge advantage over someone that doesn't and mark wants to fix that. His first goal is for everyone to at least have the basic functionalities that the Internet brings: weather, messaging, search engines and social networks. He believes this is a good entry point, and that from there, the Internet will progressively grow in the new places it will exist. After reading through Mark's plans for bringing the Internet to all parts of the world, and watching his interview I truly believe that he will make it happen. He sees the potential in the Internet, and with his dream, his brains, and his financial backing I don't see why that in 2020 the internet will be accessed from everywhere on earth.

Professional Stereotypes: Men vs Women-Response

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After watching the ad created by Pantene, it was clear that they were trying to distinguish the differences that are experienced by women in the professional business environment. Although these depictions created a clear image of how women are falsely categorized in the workplace, the ad unjustly characterized men as well. This is a fundamental issue in modern society that needs to be answered.

The message, that is targeted at women, at the end of this ad couldn't be more correct. "Don't let labels hold you back" defines an important issue that many women are facing in today's society. I think that women can't let what other's label them as hold them back, but isn't this also true for men? Given women in the work place is a relatively new societal characteristic historically, if woman and men are equal on paper what is holding women back from being equal in the real life corporate environment? Many topics can be debated today about sexism and the role of the man and woman in society, but is it sincerely true that men and women are equal?

I believe that is impossible for men and women to be equal solely based on the fact that men and women are two completely different types of humans biologically and emotionally. Women have more barriers to entry to the professional work place, such as pregnancy, family, or higher emotional needs. These facts are considered when an employer is comparing a man to a woman, which will never change. This is ultimately why you see women either choosing to give up family or work or visa versa. Women simply have more to consider when entering the work place, where men by nature are destined for the work place. Women have the choice to work if they really want to, but they also have the choice to be more than just a worker like men. All things considered, it isn't a matter of society choosing whether or not men and women are equal in the business environment, it is a matter of the individual choosing whether HE or SHE is going to be defined by society's norms. You can be what ever you want to be, right?

1984: Is privacy a myth?

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In a modern world that is constantly becoming more and more technologically dependent, the average internet user is unaware of the trail of bread crumbs they are leaving for curious agencies and people to follow. Recently, the National Security Agency (NSA) is in the process of completing the construction of a 1.5 billion dollar data super center in Utah with the sole purpose of monitoring the world's internet activity. Other smaller projects similar to this huge "national security" undertaking are in development around the country, which begs the question, is there such a thing as privacy or personal content in today's contemporary society?

Since the attacks on the World Trade Center's in 2001, it has become clearly apparent that our lives are becoming more and more transparent to outside authorities and people who want to learn more about us. Not only is this evident in airport security, but more noticeably on the internet. Data collection has become such an easy task with the mass population's use of the internet, that companies have easily accessible databases that host most if not all of your internet activity and purchases. With this information, company's such as Target have been able to predict when a woman is pregnant based on her past purchases before she even knows she is. New discoveries such as this one have made the draw to obtain personal behavioral information greater than ever. Not only is your mom now checking what you post on Facebook and Twitter everyday, government agencies such as the NSA have unprecedented access to your internet history and actions that you thought were untraceable.

The NSA claims on its website that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Despite how calming this claim must be to the average citizen, I do not see benefit in the government snooping around my content regardless if I have anything to hide or not. I believe that we all have the right to some sort of privacy and with increasing public, domestic surveillance efforts and the construction of a 1.5 billion dollar NSA building that is responsible for tracking all of the American population's internet movements, I am beginning to think privacy in modern society is a myth. I recognize the NSA's effort to find potential terrorist threats and suspicious activities, but I think that they are going about it in the wrong way. This operation seems too shady and secretive, which is paving the way for doubters of the mission like myself. The NSA and the government should focus their efforts on activity in the deep web instead of activity on gmail, facebook, and twitter. This way they can stay out of the average population's way as well as focus on where the majority of illegal activity occurs.

The topic of abortion is so touchy and uncomfortable that I always try to stay away from it. I think it is great that you decided to write about it. I agree with you when you say that abortion should be okay when the victim was raped or went through a traumatic situation. In general, I am not okay with abortion. I feel that if you are mature enough to have intercourse, they are mature enough to deal with what comes from that, specifically pregnancy.

The only situation I would be understanding of abortion is when the intercourse wasn't consensual. Rape and sexual harassment is a very damaging and traumatic situation and memory for its victims. It should be there decision whether they want to keep with the pregnancy or not.

At times I feel that I have to either for or against abortion and as I just stated, I feel only certain situations should abortion be considered. If I ever am faced with this situation, then I feel that my opinion will be justified. Nobody knows what something is like unless they have gone through it themselves.

Professional Stereotypes: Men vs Women

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Patene is a brand that makes women's hair shampoo and conditioner products. In one of their latest campaigns called, Shine Strong, they created a commercial that really created a lot of buzz.

I'm sure many people are familiar and have seen this commercial. Since stereotypes in the media for women has been a topic of interest in class, I thought this ad was a great way to show exactly what these stereotypes are. In the ad, it compares a man and a woman doing the same job but different words describing them. For example, it shows a man speaking in an office and it flashes the word "boss" and once it switches to the woman speaking in an office, it flashes the word "bossy". Pantene is really just trying to show how unfair women in the workplace can be treated.

I feel that this issue will always be present but there is a way for it to not be so prominent. With these stereotypes, women are automatically portrayed a certain way in business and in the media. It seems that our society is just accepting that this is a norm and in the end, is just the way it is. I think this is something that needs to change, not only because I am a woman but because it causes unfair advantages and disadvantages within the business world. Men and women are "legally" equal on paper but "culturally" are still very different.
It is unknown to whether this distinction will change between men and women but I definitely feel there needs to be a push for change.

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