A phenomenal article, and equally good blog outlining the problems we are facing. This is one of the anchors to my political beliefs. How long can we let people get away with sandbagging and letting others support them financially? We need to face the reality that in America, there is winners and losers. Not everyone can get what they want, live in great houses, and have the latest and greatest technology. Hell, if you don't have a job as far as I am concerned you shouldn't have cable, a cell phone or any other non-essential items if you are receiving government aid. We have made it extremely easy for people to live off the government, to survive just fine without working or supporting themselves. But I challenge you to ask yourself, if all of this support was cut off, do you think these people would just do nothing and die? No they would learn to their ass off to make it by, they probably won't get rich but they will learn to support themselves for often times the first time in their life. Our government is being forced to support more and more Americans everyday. We can not afford to continue this trend. It is imperative that we slowly eliminate unneeded support until they are forced to live off Ramon Noodles and water, and maybe then they will find the desire to go out and find a job!

Questioning Transphobia

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Link to article:

The discrimination in our country against transpeople seems to be a problem that many people don't like to address. In this article the author talks about how there is a lot of discrimination and hate against transpeople.
The author raises the idea that trans should not be defined as a person who identifies with the gender they were not born as but should be that transgender is a person who's gender is not universally considered valid. By defining it as what a person identifies as, as opposed to what they were born as gives people the power to deny them their identity.
There is a lot of discrimination of transpeople in every aspect of life. They are excluded from gay rights groups and some radical feminist groups. People who would seem to be likely to ally with transpeople run in the other direction because they do not want to be bogged down by the extra politics and hate that transpeople must endure. Much of the hate from these feminist groups are rooted in the idea that transwomen do not have female genitalia. A person does not need the same genitalia as most people of a sex to identify as that sex. It is unfair to exclude transwomen from female groups because it is denying them the right to be women.
As a community we need to become more accepting of transpeople and realize that they are what they identify as. If we think that we know their gender because its our theory we dismiss their right to choose their identity. One thing most americans pride themselves on their freedom of speech and their right to choose what they want to be. Yet this is really hypocritical of us. As a country we deny basic rights of marriage and love to homosexual people, the right of women to choose if they want to have children or not, and especially the right for all people to choose what they identify as. We need to work as a country to be more accepting and understanding of all genders, sexes, and sexual orientations if we ever want to make social progress.

Why eating butter is great for your heart

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To stay consistent with my previous blog posts, I will be evaluating another artifact from the world of nutrition. I chose to write my blog post based on an article I read, titled "Grass-fed Butter is a Superfood For The Heart" from As a side note, it must be mentioned that is very important to acknowledge that butter made from cows with a grass only diet, provides a much higher nutrition file than butter made from grain fed cows. With that being said, I have personally been consuming a larger than normal quantity of grass-fed butter daily for over a year. My love for grass-fed butter has stemmed from a lot of previous research on the overlooked benefits of it on the body, especially for the heart. According to the article, butter has taken a bad wrap as a potential cause of heart disease over the years because of its high cholesterol and saturated fat content. The main argument of this article is that we've been consuming butter for thousands of years, even before heart disease was a big issue, and that butter, more importantly grass-fed butter, is actually one of the best foods you can eat for heart health. Although it isn't general knowledge yet, a diet high in good saturated fats can be very healthy for you. According to the article, saturated fats can actually raise the levels of good fats in the body and lower the risk of heart disease. Not only is grass-fed butter high in good saturated fats, it provides Vitamin K-2 (decalcifies the arteries), Butyrate (fights inflammation), CLA (lowers belly fat and suppresses tumors) along with many other important vitamins. One interesting statistics I found in the article was that "according to one study from Australia, where cows are grass-fed, individuals who ate the most high-fat dairy products had a 69% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, compared to those who ate the least". The article is summed up by stating that mainstream nutrition is wrong when it comes to its views on certain oils and which are appropriate to use while cooking. Grass-fed butter is a great and healthy substitute for vegetable oils or margarine. Simply put, eating natural foods like butter is much better than eating processed crap. Lastly, if you're looking to add more heart healthy fats to your diet and don't know where to turn, I have a crazy sounding but awesome tip for you. I add about 3 tbsp's of grass-fed butter and 3 tbsp's of coconut oil to my coffee every morning and blend it up. It is not only the best tasting coffee you'll ever have, but it also combines with the lipids to offer a slow caffeine drip for those looking to avoid the inevitable caffeine crash. I highly recommend it. If you're interested in adding this amazing food to your diet, I recommend using unsalted KerryGold brand butter found at most organic markets like Whole Foods. The best part is, it isn't anymore expensive than the less healthy substitute.

Racism and Power

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In light of Sterling's recent scandal, there have been many praises in exposing the racist Sterling is. However he is not the only one. Cliven Bundy is another sort. He thought that black people were better off enslaved and picking cotton. Bundy was also deemed a racist. Sterling and Bundy are able to deliver stings, only if we let them. However what we should really focus on are those amongst us that can cause damage. One such example was J. Edgar Hoover. former Post writer Betty Medsger explained the chilling evidence on how Hoover expressed his thoughts about black people.

In her book, "Hoover regarded black students in the 1970's as potentially violent, and therefore as appropriate objects to be under surveillance by FBI agents". This was an obvious breach of privacy for the black students. Hoover had eyes and ears everywhere, from outside and inside university walls. He also required his agents to recruit "ghetto informants" to further spy on black people living in black neighbourhoods. One document suggested that these "ghetto informants" are of employees and owners from "taverns, liquor stores, drug stores, pawn shops, gun shops, barber shops, janitors of apartment buildings, etc." Hoover's hatred towards black people is so in-depth that he would go the extra mile to destroy the images of Civil Rights Leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Medsger wrote, "FBI under his command would take extreme measures such as breaking into offices, FBI resorted to breaking into offices; using informers; planting false rumors; opening mail; and wiretapping and bugging King's office, home and hotel rooms". Had Hoover performed these acts in today's society, he would have faced severe ramifications. Although he died 42 years ago, he reminds us of what would possibly happen if such a racist manages to grasp such power.

There are still Hoover-impersonators around the world, not only the United States nonetheless. Although they may not carry as much power as he did, they are still able to cause such damage. Among them are:

●Smiling and personable human resources directors who, in their heart of hearts, share to some degree Bundy's ideas about black people;

●Police officers who, like Sterling, believe black people are undesirable creatures, thus subject to arrest at the slightest excuse;

●White editors who believe black reporters do best when writing about other blacks, especially black social ills, thus reserving paths up the newsroom ladder for the white reporters;

●Insecure white managers in a position to bark out orders to black workers pursuing white-collar and professional careers, shooting down their ideas, making slights about their intelligence and throwing them under the bus when things go wrong.

It just goes to show that those racists with some form of power are the real mastermind of racism, being potentially able to cause civil unrest and damage towards society.

Minimalist Running: fact or fiction?

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It has recently come out that Vibram, the brand of the FiveFingers barefoot running shoe, made false claims in advertising their shoe. In promoting the sales of FiveFingers, Vibram made claims that this new type of shoe would promote a better running form and strengthen feet to reduce risk of injury. These claims, however, were not backed by any sort of research. Now, the question is, does this mean the minimalist running fad will soon pass? I am not so sure. The controversy surrounding the FiveFingers does not necessarily state that there are not benefits to a barefoot running style; simply that the initial claims made were not verified at the time. I think that the actual merits of barefoot running are not lost. However, I think that the perception of the general public following this new development in the Vibram lawsuit will be that there are no benefits to minimalist running. In order to be able to maintain a market for minimalist running, it will be extremely important for shoe companies to do some damage control and be clear about what the lawsuit and ruling actually mean in regards to whether or not barefoot-style running has any merits. Although I have never used a minimalist running shoe before or taken a close look at what research has been done, I work at a running specialty store and have heard feedback from many customers. I would say that minimalist running is not for everyone but I do believe that there are benefits to running in a shoe that attempts to modify a runner's stride to relieve the joints of some stress and promote striking with a better from. Despite having ruled that Vibram's claims were falsely advertised, I think there is still a market for minimalist shoes if companies take the right course of action.

Clippers- JCovers

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The article that I chose to write about deals with the recent scandal that is striking the NBA (National Basketball Associations) with the owner of the Clippers Donald Sterling and some comments that he made during a phone conversation with his girlfriend. The article is talking about how Sterling is telling everyone that he is indeed not a racist, but a businessman.
When the article first came out, Sterling denied that that was him on the audiotape, but soon analysis positively identified that it was indeed his voice talking. Not only did the NBA make Sterling pay 2.5 Million dollar fine, being banned from the association for life but the NBA got even more involved then recommended that Sterling sell the Clippers franchise due to sponsors' backing out of deals with the clippers. The main argument in the article is that yes, he was punished for his crime, but is it really going to effect him unless people stop associating with the Clippers all together. Otherwise he will be getting away with being a racist and getting rich over the people that he spoke so poorly of. It's stated that Sterling bought the Clippers in the 1981 when it was in San Diego and was $12.5 Million. Now the franchise with worth an upward of $575 Million and he is stand to make more than that.
The other part of the argument is that he claims not to be a racist since he states, "You think I'm a racist? ... How can you be in this business and be a racist?" Well, sir I can say that for a fact that you are a racist because half of the things that you said were direct digs and a group of people not based on their character but the stereotypes portrayed. The last argument is that does his wife have rights in the company and if so does she have to sell if he is forced to sell?

Microsoft or Sony


Connor Patty
Blog 3
My artefact for this month is the argument that the PlayStation 4 is better than the Xbox One. At first I thought this would be another stupid video game argument about graphics, but it is actually a lot more than that. In today's society we desire more than just a game system. Our society always wants the next best thing, and when it comes to video games we always want the best game system. This generation of gaming systems boasts to be more than just video games; new game systems claim to be "the future of entertainment".
To be the future of entertainment, Sony and Microsoft need to go beyond video games. They need to be able to play videos, music, and connect to the internet. Media in today's society requires so much more attention than 10 years ago, and for that reason we have given much more attention to the construction of devices like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
There is a debate about which system is going to be the future of gaming, with people posing arguments for each side. The PlayStation boasts fantastic graphics and streaming, while the Xbox focuses more on overall entertainment. I think the PlayStation is definitely the better game system, but Xbox is the better overall entertainment system. I think American families will develop to like the Xbox more than the PlayStation. I also thin Xbox will replace most entertainment systems. I think an entertainment system than handles music, videos, and television would be more efficient than another system.

Lupita Nyong'o on beauty

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Lupita Nyong'o was one of the characters in the movie, "twelve years a slave," and ever since she has been recognized for her radiating beauty. Lupita is a very dark skinned African woman, and is not the ideal original version of what beauty is. In the article I read called, "Mirror, mirror; another gain for dark-skinned beauty, but work remains," it discusses how Lupita was on the cover of People Magazine as one of the most beautiful woman today. Lupita has been recognized for being dark-skinned and flaunting it. Usually, the public does not view dark skinned woman as beautiful it is not the typical idea of beauty. So, when people magazine recognized Lupita as one of the most beautiful woman today, it created uproar. Some people were extremely happy that dark-skinned women were finally being recognized as beautiful, however, some people questioned the reason for why People magazine featured Lupita. They wondered if they just got an opportunity to finally put a dark skinned woman on the cover, and why it took until Lupita to be stated as beautiful. Dark-skinned black woman have existed in the media for a long time, and people are wondering why it took the public to realize it on Lupita. The article mentions that the public recognizing dark-skinned beauty is a step, but there is a lot of work to be done. Lupita talks about what beauty is and how it is measured on what is inside and not outside. She gave a speech on beauty that I think all of you should check out. It is called Lupita Nyong'o on beauty. It is uplifting and shows us that superficial beauty is nothing to flaunt. She talks about how she hated her skin color when growing up because she never saw famous faces with dark skin, and now she hopes to be inspiration to other black girls. Overall, the article was interesting and I thought it would be a good read because it sums up what Lupita has to say about beauty, what People magazine has to say about Lupita being on the cover, and what the public thinks about it.

All about the money

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Tyler Brage
Blog post #3

A win-win for the Browns
Vikings fans were frustrated, at least momentarily until they made another splash back into the first round to draft the formerly believed to be concensus 1st overall pick Teddy Bridgewater with the 32nd pick of the NFL draft. That being said, I am writing to focus on Johnny Football, not that I don't love Teddy and our 9th Pick Anthony Barr. I am just looking at things from a business perspective. Fans love character, and character Johnny had. By passing up on the most intriguing player in the draft the Vikings also passed up on a large increase in season ticket sales. It will take several years until we truly know whether the decision was a good one.
According to the Cleveland Browns official twitter account, they have already sold 2,000 additional season ticket packages, as well as the anticipation that many preseason games will be completely filled also. This is where I think the article is did a good job stating that although the Browns general manager has said that he drafted Johnny Manziel based solely off of his football abilities and did not consider "business ramifications" just quite frankly could not be the case. You cannot tell me an owner and GM were not aware that the demand for Johnny would bring in terms of football. At the end of the day, this is a business and business owners love to make money.
I feel it was a great choice for the Vikings to pass on Johnny Football, he is small, and has many character questions, and quite frankly we don't need additional ticket sales. We have a new stadium to do this, a stadium that will sell tickets for decades to come. Now let's start looking ahead and get excited for what Teddy, Barr, and the other Vikings players can do this season! Have a good summer vacation all!


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For some being a teacher can mean just going to class and standing up in front of students. Well for another it was being beat up repeatedly. This happen to a new york teacher who got in the middle of a brawl at school and got hit repeatedly by another student. He was trying to stop a fight from two student. He couldn't stand by watching this fit. however for him he got the worst. He was just trying to do a good thing and ended up very brutal for him. this leads to how teachers get treated in schools and the low pay rates they get. For teachers sometimes there jobs can be a lot harder then one might expect. For him he no longer can go back because of the what he experienced. A lot of the times teachers shouldn't get involved in fights. But this school is really becoming unsafe. These teachers care so much about this students and don't want anything to happen. Also how on students get discipline in high school. This is a strong issue and something that shouldn't be forgotten. Hopefully we can see a safer schools for out kids.

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