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How am I affected by my enviroment?

We are all affected by the enviroment that we live in. Obviously, there are a lot of different things that affect us. I will touch on a few that I believe have affectd me.

1. Money
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This framework affects all of us in a way that almost controls our lives. Everything you look at has some sort of relationship with money. Why do I go to school? To earn a degree, so I can go off and find a career that will make me enough money to alow me to live a comfortable lifestyle. Why do I work so much in the summer? To make money to pay (or try to pay) for school. Money controls the way we live. Try walking around for a day without using money or anything that is associated with money. I do not beleive it is possible, at least not in the world that I live in.

2. Population
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I come from a small town, an outer ring suburb of the Twin Cities. I have always had a fascination of the big city. Whenever I made the trip up to Minneapolis, I was always somewhat in awe of the big city; the big skyscrapers, all the people, just the feel of the city. Has that influenced me to go to school at the University of Minnesota, located in this city that I have always looked at in a sort of awe? I believe it has. One of my favorite things about this school is the urban feel. I just enjoy the feeling of being in a city, where there seems to be an energy flowing through it.

3. Humans and Nature
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It is interesting to look at the human race and how we leave a footprint on our environment. How do we work with our environment, how do we alter it to fit our needs? How does nature react to the prescence of our work? I believe that the way humans can adapt to is fascinating. We can either flatten everything out, or find a way to work with nature without altering it. We find ways to use these natural forms to actually make our projects even better than they would be without them. The ability to use nature and our enviroment or try to harness it is something that has been a part of mankind from the beginning.

There are multiple thing in this enviroment that have affected who I am today. You can probably see that the idea of technology has not affected me in a very positive way, considering I still cannot figure out how to change the size of the pictures on this blog....