Week 1 Images About Me

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This is a picture I took this fall in Panama City Beach, Florida. I absolutely love the beach. It is so calm and peaceful and so beautiful. I could spend all day relaxed laying in the sand under the warm sun, listening to the sounds of the waves all day long. I love summer, it is my favorite season.

This is a picture of an old antique car I took on my grandmas farm this summer. I really like antique things, I think they are so much fun to look at and learn about. My grandpa use to collect a lot of antique cars. I liked this car particularly because it reminds me of Mater on the movie Cars. Mater is my favorite character in that movie, he is so funny and cute. So I named this car my Mater Truck. :) Also this is on my grandmas farm. I love farms and the country. It is so beautiful and quiet compared to the busy city. I definitely call myself a farm girl at heart.

This is a picture of the Great Sequoia trees in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. I took this picture at one of my church summer camps that I go to every summer. I really enjoy going to camp. It is one of my favorite activities that I like to be involved in. My church means a lot to me and going to these camps and meeting many new friends and seeing ones I've met in the past is so much fun, especially because we share the same beliefs and values.

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Fantastic photos! nice job.

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