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Favorite Art Piece

On Tuesday, February 23, we went to the Chambers Art Hotel in downtown Minneapolis to explore and see different types of artwork that they have displayed there. One piece that really struck out at me was the painting of a face by Machiko Edmondson. She had two pieces displayed here at the Chambers hotel. My favorite of the two was the one titled Titanium Expose 2007, versus the second one titled Flare 2009. Both are incredible art pieces. What struck me most about both of the paintings of hers was how real life they looked. At first glance I would have thought it was just a photograph taken of a girls face placed on canvas but when you do walk up to the painting and look up closely to it, it is indeed a painting. Even up close to the painting you don't see any odd streaks or marks from a paint brush, the skin of the girls face is so smooth and each line or edge of different parts of her face or soft and just glide your eyes throughout the whole picture. What I loved most about the first piece were the eyes. They amazed me. They were done so beautifully and the colors that were put into them just shined and glowed. She did an amazing job! Also what I liked about the first piece of hers was that it was in black and white but the eyes weren't. The colors of blues and greens really made them stand out. The second piece was also very well done. If I were to choose what I liked best about the second one was that it was more slightly colored and because of the brown eyes and the skin tone but I really liked how her face was more straight forward instead of at an angle and that there was some hair on her forehead that you could see. I really enjoyed my time at the Chambers Art Hotel and getting to enjoy some of the art of these Contemporary artists. The piece done by Machiko Edmondsone was my favorite and I would really like to see more artwork done by here. She's an amazing artist.

Week 4 Images About Me

Week 4 Theatre.jpg
I took this picture at the Guthrie Theatre in downtown Minneapolis this fall when I went to see the play The Importance of Being Earnest. I really enjoy going to plays and watching live performances. I'm not into the big acting thing myself, but I really enjoy watching different plays. It's a lot of fun. My favorite are ones that are funny because the live acting makes it so much more entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This play was very well done. I have seen the movie and it was great. It has a lot of great comedy so watching how the performers put this story to live acting is so fascinating and fun.

Week 4 DSW.jpg
This picture I took in Mall of America this year in the DSW store. This brings out my "girly" side of me. I really love shopping and most girl things. Two of my favorite things are the fun girlish accessories such as purses and shoes! They are so much fun to match with outfits and get to add some fun. DSW in particular is one of my favorite stores to shop at, especially for these two items.

Week 4 Cookies.jpg
Pretty much this image says it all, "I Love Cookies!" They are delicious. I love cooking them, eating the dough as I'm making them, enjoying the amazing smell that comes from freshly baked cookies, and then eating them with a large glass of milk. Om nom nom nom! The Best!

Music <3

Musical Image.jpg

In this photo, I put myself in it doing three different musical things that I enjoy. I am a pretty musical person and enjoy it a lot! I have been playing piano for 10 years now and I really love it! I sing in my church choir, and of course randomly around the house like in my room or the shower and in the car. Then lastly I play the cello and have been for 5 years. I really enjoy it and want to keep practicing to become really good. I played in my High Schools Concert Orchestra and also play in the orchestras at my church.

Week 3 Images About Me

Week 3 dogs-edited.jpg
Here is a picture I took of my two dogs, Chloe (lab), and Barney (beagle), last winter. I love them. I really love dogs, they are my favorite pet animal. This picture was also taken a few months before Chloe died, at the age of 6. That was a very sad moment for my family and I. Now we just have Barney, he is such a fun, cute, little energetic, rascal.

Week 3 football.jpg
This is a picture that I took at my high schools homecoming football game this fall when I went with some friends. Football is m y favorite sport. I love playing and watching it!

Week 3 Mia-edited2.jpg
I took this picture of a little girl that my mom watches in her daycare, last summer. I really love kids, they are so cute, adorable, and extremely entertaining. Since my mom does daycare I have been around little kids my whole life and have really become attached to them and have a good understand about children. They are a lot of fun and its so cute how much they look up to an older person (teen, adult) for help, encouragement, and even a role model. They are sure Cuties!

Flip Book of Interest


Here is a URL of a flip book that I found that I liked. I liked this flip book because it has a picture of a man, supposedly walking, but in each page not moving. Instead everything around him is moving. I like it also because there is a lot of detail in each drawing and it was very well done.

Week 2 Images About Me

Week 2 friends.jpg
This is a picture of me and some of my really close friends taken recently. My friends are very important to me. I couldn't live without them. They are always there for me no matter what. We have the best of times together of fun and laugher. We all share a lot of the same interests and values which help us all grow very close together with trust and comfort. My friends are great and wouldn't change anything about them!

Week 2 orchestra-edited.jpg
This is a picture of my High School Concert Orchestra that I was in last year. I play the cello and I absolutely love it! I love music and playing music is such a great way to express yourself and have a different outlook on things. I've played cello for 5 years and have enjoyed it so much. It is a blast being in the orchestra. We play all sorts of pieces. Also most of my friends are in it as well which makes it a lot of fun. I don't just play cello in my school orchestra. I play in my church ensemble and orchestra as well.

Week 2 travel-edited.jpg
This is a picture I took while driving through Chicago after visiting Louisville, Kentucky during winter break. I love to travel! I travel at least three times or more a year and it is such a blast. I like seeing different parts of the country and learning new things about where I go. I usually travel for various church retreats and conventions that we have early, or camps, and even just for a vacation to visit relatives or good friends that live far away. It's great to get together with friends and family that I don't see much and enjoying new experiences in different places is very fun and enjoying to me.

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