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Images About Me Week 8

This images tell of my make up and curling iron tells about my "girly side". I absolutely love dressing up and getting ready for things. I really like to curl my hair too. Also there is one more thing in here, notice my make-up bag is leopard print, I love leopard print! :)

Here is a picture of kiwi I took. Kiwi is my favorite fruit, plus I just LOVE fruit, all fruit, in general.

prom candles-edited.jpg
I took this picture of the table piece at my church prom this weekend. The theme was Hollywood. Taking this photo tells some about me in a few ways. I took this at prom, which I really love going to my church proms and dances, its a lot of fun, and the theme was Hollywood. I really like city lights and having fun and movies so this pictures show some of those things about me.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

In the movie The Phantom of the Opera, a Joel Schumacher film, the film director used a lot of different camera angles, color, lighting and effects, to show the mood and significance of the moments in each scene of the whole movie for the audience. One scene in particular that I thought the director used a lot of great camera action was the BLANK minute scene of "The Phantom of the Opera" song. It is scene selection number nine, at the beginning of the movie.

It starts out with a close up of Christine taking the Phantoms hand, after he somewhat hypnotized her, in a way, to come with him. Immediately the music starts. This really sets the mood for this scene. The director then shoots a close up of Christine's face. This lets the audience know that she is the important character here and the expression the actress portrays shows that she is unknowingly being pulled slowly away with the Phantom. The camera then shows where they are headed. They are going down this tight hallway. It is glow lit by candles held by moving arms. This sets the mood to be mysterious and spooky. It puts the audience on their toes because they don't know where she is being taken. The director switches the view of the camera then. It's not straight on, it's at a more lowered level and its showing them now, walking through this hallway with the Phantom leading Christine by her hand. The director then quickly zooms in so that we can more clearly see the face expressions on the actors' faces. Christine is still staring at the Phantom with a blank look as the Phantom walks forward and continually glances back to her to make sure she is still following though he's got her hand.

The words in the song now start and the camera is zoomed in to a closer view of Christine. She is looking around at this dark lit hallway that she is being led through. The camera angle is somewhat tilted downward to her. This gives the feeling that this room is towering over her and gives the audience the nervous feeling she must feel; helpless. The camera switches over to a close up of the phantom. The camera is more of a straight forward angle rather than tilted downward. This is because the director probably wants to make sure the audience gets the feeling that he is the leader. These four camera views, close up of them walking from the front, close up of Christine's face, and close up of the Phantoms face, and lastly the director shows a close up of their hands connected once again. The other close up's repeat often other than the hand close up. The director probably decided to show a close up of their hands again because he wants to remind the audience that they aren't just nicely going for a stroll in this passageway, but that the Phantom is pulling her with him and she is shyly following unaware of the place she is going. This really sets more with the mood.

The surroundings change and Christine and the Phantom have exited the hallway into a flight of wide stairs leading down. It is very dark and the Phantom is using a fire lit torch to guide Christine where he is taking her. The camera is in a place as if it is hiding on the other side of the stone ledge. We see them come around the corner at an angle that is looking at the tilted a little sideways instead of perfectly straight. Then the camera switches to a closer view of their faces. He is sternly leading Christine, still by hand, down the stairs, while Christine, looking more awake and less scared, is singing the song and looking at the Phantom. As they reach the bottom of the stairs the camera is already there waiting for them. We see a far away view of them both coming around the corner walking toward the camera, still in this very dark un pleasant looking stone passage. The director switches the camera so that we can see what is in front of them so that the audience isn't in such a state of suspense. We see a horse waiting for them. The camera is back on them, but closer, as the Phantom is now singing. Christine has a slightly wearier look. As they are walking, the camera remained still in the spot and didn't move with them. For the director to do this with the camera it gives a stronger feeling for the mood and what she must be feeling. A shadow is kind of placed over her face as she goes off the screen. She looks a little worried at this point because as her face is walking off the screen to where we can't see them anymore she looks back behind her.

The director now placed the camera at the end of another passageway. We see it darkly lit with a few candles on the walls. They come around the corner. She is on the horse and the Phantom is taking them down the passageway. This gives the audience a feel that, either he wants her to like him and he is being kind so she doesn't have to walk or he has a plan that she is on the horse for the reason that he doesn't want her to have any sort of chance of running away. The camera is zoomed in at this point and is turning with them as they reach a water stream inside the building where a little boat awaits them.

This part of the scene showed him helping her off the horse then the camera switched and jumped ahead to watching them already in the boat rowing away. The Phantom is standing using a stick to push the boat where he wants it to go. Christine is sitting in the front with frightened face looking around. There is more lighting being used here at the part of the scene but is still gives the audience the mood the director wants. The director changes the camera over to a straight on view of them floating toward the camera and the camera slowly lowers to Christine's level of where she is sitting in the boat. The director then, instead of just keeping the camera on the characters, he turns in and fades over several of the walls and stone architect that they are passing. Christine is looking around so now doing this with the camera the audience is getting the feel of what she is seeing as if we were floating in the boat as well. The camera goes back to a closer view of Christine, who makes us focus on how she is feeling. Then the camera is across the way as we see more of this chamber area that they were journeying through. We see them come around the corner through that passage way from a farther distance. To bring more to the mood there is fog above the water and the room is still very darkly lit. To give a pulse to the mood, we are reminded of the Phantom. The camera then shoots very close to just the Phantoms face as he is still pushing the boat along. This lets us know that he is in charge and be careful because you don't know what he is going to do next or where they are going. Then the camera is brought down to the waters level and we only see a shady view of what's ahead of them as we see parts of the boat slowly move in front of the camera.

At this last part of this selected scene, the camera is still focused on what is in front of them and we see a gate door open up. The director again moves that camera so that we see them from a farther view coming toward us. The camera here jumps around a lot going back and forth showing them, and then showing what is happening in front of them. In front of them the gate door is moving up and curtains are moving aside. Also big chandeliers and candles are coming out of the water and we see a room very lit up. When the camera shoots back at them the director places the camera at different angles so that we see them and how they are viewing this place. We see closer views of Christine with wide open eyes to what she is seeing and the also then the Phantom as he has the control right now. When the camera was showing us what was in front of them it moved as if it was with the boat. This really gives the audience the feel as if they were there with Christine in the same predicament. And this is the end of the scene.

Musical Rain Shower

At this international exhibition of new media work, that took place in China, the piece of Interactive Installation by Daniela Kueschat and Rejane Cantoni really stood out to me. This artwork is a black open black cube with three walls. Each wall is filled with hundreds of identical violin-like visual strings. Each individual string is tuned with such tension so that when they vibrate they make a sound that varies because of the way it will be interacted with and the position it is in. In the photograph that the description of the piece provides has someone, that you can't make out because it is so dark, looking like they are waving their hands across many vertical hanging bright blue florescent-lighted strings. When they touch the strings, each individual string makes a different sound and tone depending on how the person interacts with it.
This piece really stood out to me because I play a string instrument, the cello, and love the sounds that it makes. To be in a dark room with bright glowing strings hanging from the ceiling would put me in my own little magical musical world. Also I think that this piece is very beautiful. It makes me feel very relaxed and it's calming to look at. From my first glance at the picture it instantly reminded me of rain. Each individually placed bright blue florescent-lighted string hanging vertically down made me envision a rainfall. If you really use your imagination, envision that each string is a raindrop quickly moving down from the sky. Because this is a dark cube box, I envision that this rain shower is at night and is coming down a lot, yet is very pleasant. Especially because the color chosen was blue, it really related to rain and what it might look like, imaginably, if rain was brightly colored. Also you could imagine that it is the glow of the moon that reflects off of the raindrops that gives it the bright blue glow at nighttime. The last part that helped me put a scene of rain to this art piece was that each individual string made there own unique sound upon vibration of the string when interacted with. This was imagining that each raindrop is a musical raindrop. Rain automatically has its own twinkling sound when you hear it falling onto the road or your car or even the roof of your house. Rain is a musical instrument of nature. I really love it when it rains at night. It is so soothing and relaxing. It makes me want to curl up on the couch by the fireplace with a cup of tea, and either a good book or put on a favorite movie. I really liked this new media work.

Week 7 Images About Me

Week 7 Paint.jpg
I really like to paint. I use to paint a lot more when a were a little younger because I had a lot more free time but I still absolutely love it. Some of my favorite type of painting that I started to learn was one stroke painting. I painted a lot of flowers and some birds and bees. I really enjoy painting wild life or outdoor scenes because the outdoors are usually a peaceful places to be. Painting lets you relax and put aside all your worries and just put down colors and make them into a nice picture.

Week 7 water-edited.jpg
I took this at one of my good friends wedding this year. I thought the scenery at her wedding was very beautiful. I think waterfalls or any sort of water fountain are really pretty and add a lot to the landscape of a place. Also I really like going to weddings. Its a big Happy day!

Week 7 Minneapolis.jpg
I recently took this picture of Minneapolis. Minneapolis is just about my favorite city. I live in a suburb of it, so I've been here my whole life. I also come downtown just about everyday so I am surrounded by the city atmosphere a lot. I enjoy coming downtown for shopping, outings with friends, games, out to eat, and plain old just for fun. This would me my more "city girl" side of what I enjoy. As for the other side is the "farm girl" side.

Nash Gallery~ Floating

On Tuesday, March 2, we went over to the Nash Gallery to look at various art pieces. One piece that stood out to me, or that I liked, was the piece Floating by Mayumi Amada. This art piece had a bunch of flowers with various shades of blue that were tied with a fishing line hanging down above the ground. I really liked the way that the flowers moved as if they were floating peacefully and gently on top of a body of water because they were hanging in the air of the room, which gently brushed them to sway. Also the pretty blue colors that the flowers were emphasizing really made the effect stand out more that they were on water because we picture water to be full of beautiful blue tones and shades of colors. This was a very uniquely done piece that I really enjoyed observing.

Week 6 Images About Me

This is a picture that I took of a pond with some ducks swimming in it. This is a little aspect of nature that I got. I really love nature and being in nature. It's so peaceful, relaxing, and calm. I love the sounds of birds, the sound of the wind against the trees, the feel of the breeze and warmth of the sun rays. Nature isn't busy with the sounds and noises of city streets and cars and people. You don't feel like you are in a hurry and have to be somewhere quickly. In nature you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy what is around you. I really like it. Sometimes when I was little I use to go outside with a blanket, lay it in the shade and just lay there, enjoying the summer warmth and calm sounds around me.

This is a picture of a guy I know during a basketball game. My church has various basketball tournaments. It is a time when we can congregate with friends and have fun watching people in my church play basketball. I really enjoy watching basketball games. They get very intense and are filled with suspense! Sometimes so suspenseful that I can't even bare to watch because I feel like if I look something might happen. It is fun being a fan in the bleachers with the rest of the crowd cheering. Its a blast!

This is a picture of some of my friends while we were horseback riding in the winter at one of my church winter camps. I do love winter, though it is very cold sometimes. Snow is of corse my favorite part of winter. It is the first big snowfall of the season that is my favorite. When the snow comes and it fills every spot of grass and every tree and road and house are all covered in this beautiful, clean, sparkly, white, blissful, crisp, snow. I call it being in a "Winter Wonderland". Also another thing in this photo that shows a little bit more about who I am is that I really like animals. Horseback riding I have always enjoyed since I was very little. Though a horse is a big animal, they are quite gentle spirited, and beautiful animals.

Week 5 Images About Me

Week 5 kids-edited.jpg
Here is another picture that I took of some of the kids that I have been around most of my life. I again love little kids, they are so fun, cute, entertaining, and so full of wonder and interest in life. This is a picture of them playing in a grass field near where I live. I really enjoyed watching them play and try to run through the tall weeds.

Week 5 pancakes.jpg
Here are some pancakes that I made. They are not normal pancakes. These are called Swedish Pancakes, which are thin pancakes made without leavening. They are one of my favorite breakfast foods, breakfast being my favorite meal of the day. The are so good! I love putting tons of different toppings on pancakes. Some such as syrup, butter, peanut butter, jelly, strawberry sauce, cream cheese, honey, apple sauce, bananas, blueberries, cinnamon, cash-shoes or various nuts, and many more.

I took this photo recently in the fall on our way to Wisconsin Dells. I really love and enjoy watching the colors of the trees in the fall change. When all of the trees are many different colors but full of leaves it is so beautiful. Also Wisconsin Dells is one of my favorite places to go travel to.

My Penguin Flipbook

Studio E

Animation Artist

Phil Vischer is the animation artists for the popular animated show of Veggie Tales. As a child I was always a big fan of veggie tales and his animations and draws are great and completely adorable.

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