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Week 14 Images



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Doll House Stop Motion- A Night of Baby Sitting

Week 13 Images

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Week 12 Images

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Where the Wild Things Are

In a short three minute sequence that I chose in the movie Where the Wild Things are shows many different camera angle shots to show the importance in the scene, help the audience understand the feeling of being the character at that part, and have a large visual image of what is happening in the story. During this sequence the little boy, Max, just ran away from home because he was angry about his life at home and took a little sail boat over water and landed on this island where later he'll come across the Wild Things. This short three minute sequence shows him getting out of the boat and to the shore of the water and then climbing a huge cliff on the land.
The camera first shows Max up close in the boat. The camera is not being held still. This is to get the effect for the audience of the jerkiness of the boat and the waves hitting the boat.

The camera goes back and forth for a little while showing the boy, seeing his face expression which shows that he is not enjoying the ride and is some what frightened, and then the boat and view in front of Max of the shore he is coming to. As Max reaches closer to the shore he falls out of the boat and the camera not only just shows him in the water but also goes under the water with him and back above the water with him getting air a few times. Now we see Mas arrive on shore pulling his boat with a rope. The camera moves very quickly showing different shots of the boy and the boat and the ground that he is pulling the boat across, not very smoothly. This is giving the viewers the feel of the difficulty Max is having pulling the boat and the strong wind from the waves. Next, as Max is pulling the boat on the sand, camera directer chose to get a shot of the island from birds-eye-view or from the top of the cliff looking down so that we can get an aspect of the area Max is arriving at. The camera then is back at the same level as Max and showing the cliff in front of Max so that the viewers can get a good picture of what Max sees. Now we see Max starting to climb the cliff. The camera is looking up at him to show height of the cliff. The camera switches quick to different positions showing his feet slipping and getting grip on the cliff, the area above Max on the side of the cliff that he will be reaching next, a view of Max from the side and above so that we can see how huge the cliff is and how high up Max is from the ground now, A close up of his face to understand how frightened he is feeling, a shot of the ground straight below him of the waves rolling in giving the viewers a worried feeling of Max so high up, a camera view from straight out looking at Max and the whole side of the cliff to see the proportion of Max and the huge cliff, and then him finally reaching the top of the cliff.

After that the camera turns around so that we can see what Max is seeing. The camera is not being held still. It is wobbly, quick, and a little jerky to give of the feel as if we are Max and this is what he is looking at and how he is looking at it. We then see a side view of Max in the woods on the cliff. This shows us the challenges of all of the branches and obstacles he has to watch out for and step over and move out of the way of. During this last minute of the sequence it shows Max in the woods at a spot looking out at some fire in the woods and where he sees the Wild Things moving above throwing sticks and breaking things. The camera moves quickly from Max to what he is looking at. The camera is not smooth so that we get the feeling of being Max and how frightened he is from how fast the camera is moving all over the forest in front of him of the Wild Things. That is the end of this three minute sequence.

Week 11 Images

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Nadine and her life of Track

This is a video of my cousin Nadine speaking about one of her favorite things she is involved in. She is a runner and participates in Track. Here she tells why she likes it, what she likes about it, and what she is doing to approve and have success at a race or track meet.

Week 10 Images

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Week 9 Images

On my way to Texas over Spring Break.

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I Love Waffle House!

Lunch Time with Friends

Here is the sound project that Sabina and I created. We recorded different sounds, starting with foot steps, as if someone was walking to lunch, and then adding different laughters and sounds from the food court to get the different food and kitchen sounds. This project shows the fun of being with friends and having fun. Lunch time has always been that time of the day, especially as a kid, where you got out of class taking a break and got to be with your friends, eating, and laughing about anything and talking and having a good time.

BFA Quarter Gallery

At the Quarter Gallery an art work that stood out at me and that I thought was pretty fascinating was the large steel moose. This piece was done by Kyle A. Johnson called Cultures. This is a steel moose of the color brown for the body. What I liked about this art work was that the moose what probably about life size so I felt like I was standing up against a large moose in the wild. Moose are interesting animals. If I was ever to seen on in the wild I would think it would be so fascinating. The way they look and stand is almost like they are saying that they are in charge and they look after everything. How a moose is structured, it is a strong animal and has large antlers. This art piece was done very well and that it was done with steel must have been very difficult to get it to bend and mold to the form of a moose.

BA Show

The art piece by Jenna Weichmann called "Boy and His Dog #3" was my favorite that I saw. I really liked that it was just a simple black and white picture. It was a photo taken of a boy sitting next to his dog (black lab). The boy and his dog are looking at each other with their noses almost touching. They are sitting in front of a window so this brightens the picture up a bit. This picture shows the message from the saying that dogs are a Mans Best Friend. I believe that saying very much. I have grown up with 3 dogs as pets and they are the most loyal, happy, playful, pets you can get. They are always wanting to spend time with you either following you where ever you go, greeting you and extremely excited when you return home, and always wanting to play with you, either go on a walk to play with toys. They are generally sweet animals, gentle, and loving. This picture shows the close bond that this boy has with his dog. Since it was in black and white it had a very soft feel and calm feel. I really liked this piece.

MFA Nash Gallery

The art piece "Planes of Existence" by Jessica Techemeyer interested me the most. As I walked into the art gallery it caught my eye instantly. This art work is a large circle pool, not very deep, with water in it, and has a 3-headed dog, one head drinking out of the pool, and the other two looking in separate directions. Inside of the pool it was lit up with a glowing animated picture of waves. These waves were blues and greens and looked shiny. This really gave the real affect of water. The picture in the pool didn't stay as just animated waves. It eventually changed to a picture of some designs and then an eye. The eye blinked. That I thought was so cool! This art piece was in a dark room so the glowing water really struck out. Having a 3-headed dog was interesting because it's not ordinary or real life. It gave the imagination and fantasy feel of the art piece. The water also gave a magical feel.

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